Supernatural (S14E06) “Optimism”

Note to Readers: Hello all & welcome back to another one of my amazing reviews. So I just wanted to say that Supernatural won’t be returning until November 29th to The CW. So save the date in your calendar, now without further ado here’s my review. 


“So, I have read all the books.”



Now on Thursday’s night episode (late with posting my review) the boys take on separate cases. Sam is with Charlie & Dean decided to let Jack on a case. Since he did keep bugging the hell out of him. Jack thought Sam & Charlie were doing a fun case but all they were doing was mostly bench watching til something happened. Charlie j=kept reading books to figure out what they’re dealing with & Sam….he was literally playing with a fidget spinner. And felt proud of himself for spinning so well.

I would say that was one of the funniest scenes on the episode. But things did turn a leaf when the conversation arose on atopic. They figured they might be dealing with a Musca & that Charlie wants this to be her last hunt. She’s tired of the lifestyle  & pretty much wants to go off the damn grid! You all know Sam, he was highly against it. For he was only thinking mainly about his Charlie, about the Charlie they lost. They just don’t want a second round, so I don’t blame him for giving it his all to convince her to stay.

Even though the conversation got deeper when Charlie told Sam of her life in her world. Before the Apocalypse, how she was happy til it was all taken from her. At this moment I did feel bad for Charlie & I didn’t blame her at this point for wanting to leave. Sam did bring up how getting out of a hunter’s life isn’t easy at all, he’s tried! But she has to remind Sam, she’s a different Charlie.

Of course, things get cut short when there Musca takes a person from the bus stop to there lair. Which didn’t take long for them to find. The only issue was, it was nasty & smelled awhile. This just makes me hate mosquitos even more than ever. But what they do to the bodies is, even more, worse for creatures who keep to themselves. They did manage to improvise on dealing with it even though they didn’t have the actual materials to kill it. Keep in mind, this thing looked nasty. I almost wanted to dash & get a large can of Raid! So, they got a win & Sam got an “I’ll think about it” from Charlie on staying or not. Since he did give a speech on saving people’s lives to her in the car.

“What’s courting?”

Meanwhile, Dean & Jack they followed a case to a town with a  lot of missing people. Who had bite marks from someone human. Which lead them to hear rumors about Harper. The nice girl in town, the pretty girl, the girl who had a nice boyfriend, but he eventually left. After she left she consumed herself in books & nothing but bad luck followed, Well to all the men she knew, only! When Dean & Jack were getting there information they were surprised by all the gossip. Small town, everyone knows everything.

Harper’s date was the main person who had recently died so Dean went to question her. But sassy Jack popped in to save the day. It was all role play, of course, to find out if she was human or not. Miles the nosy employee got in her way so of course, that bad luck came to hunt him. Well, make him dead. Which leads to the fact that Jack really needs the talk about love life & certain slang as well on more adult things. But the flirting between Jack & Harper in her apartment didn’t last long. Cause zombie boyfriend Vence was banging on the door after Dean came in. 

It’s been a long while since we’ve seen zombies (thank you for bringing them back writers). And having a dance with them is fun, with silver. Dean went toe to toe while Jack & Harper hid in the library. At this point, I just wanted to know who in the world made him a zombie? Or how did he end up dead? Million dollar answer, Harper. She a freaking necromancer! Haven’t dealt with those in a while either! There just on a roll this episode! But after a few tosses, throw, bullets, & sweet talking they caught Vence but not Harper. She got away.

Back at the bunker, Dean told Jack he did good. A gave him a bit of life advice. Honestly thought it would just hit the credit with peaceful background music but no. It got back on the fact of Jack’s bloody cough which leads to a nosebleed & him passing out. What is wrong with our poor sweet Jack? Is he cursed? Or is he truly dying from the inside for not having his angel powers?! I really need to know!


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