Young Sheldon (S02E09) “Family Dynamics and a Red Fiero”

George senior ( Lance Barber) gets a job offer in Oklahoma and is thinking of accepting it but Mary (Zoe Perry)  doesn’t have any intention of moving so she starts looking for ways to discourage him from accepting the job. While George senior who really likes the job , starts imputing the idea of moving in the head of the kids.

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Georgie do you have any emotional attachment to this town?

The psychological physicist

In the midst of all these Sheldon ( Iain Armitage) was trying to do his psychology project, which required him to observe his family and form an hypothesis, but this was being difficult as his parents were trying to rope him into their competition and He chose to be neutral.

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For scientific purposes I choose to remain neutral.

At their Thanksgiving dinner,  Mary set her own plan in motion which was using Meemah (Annie Potts) to emotionally appeal to George, he sensed this and confronted Mary about it, this leads to George storming out of the dinning room.

Reality dawned on Sheldon that he can’t be a neutral part because of the dispute at the dinning table, he finds solace in the company of Dr. Sturgis ( Wallace Shawn).

Sheldon discusses his psychology homework with Dr sturgis and  predicts that every time his parents have an argument, his father usually Re assert his dominance by making a meaningless symbolic gesture. Minutes later George senior pulls up in a red fiero.

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The Red Fiero

The Sacrifice

George goes for the interview at the university of Tulsa, the interview went well but George decided to put his family’s happiness first and decline the Job, despite the Amazing benefits.

Sacrifice is giving up something temporarily good for something eternally better, He understands this.

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