The Good Place (S03E09) “Chapter 35: Don’t Let the Good Life Pass You By”

As Michael and Janet meet with the idealist for The Good Place. Eleanor and the gang deal with a bigger problem. Here’s a recap of The Good Place.

As Michael and Janet meet with Doug Forcett, the idealist of what The Good Place is, and finds out how he figured out the system; getting high in the 70’s. But Michael sees that Doug isn’t living such a good life as he’s living a miserable life while trying to please everyone. That also includes growing his own food and drinking his own filtered urine as water. Michael tries to get him to live life to the fullest but he wouldn’t want to break the points system.

Meanwhile, after Eleanor gets advice from Tahani about telling Chidi that they fell in love back in The Good Place. But just before she tells him, she notices some of the people in the bar aren’t good and it turns out they’re demons. Shawn comes in tries to take them back, but Michael comes in and soon Janet becomes Kill Bill version of herself and fights the other demons. One by one, each demon gets sent back by Michael’s device and even Shawn too. But soon more came and Janet offers them to get inside of her. Which left it there on a cliffhanger once again.

“Don’t Let the Good Life Pass You By”  was a fantastic episode as it could have ever been. Michael McKean’s portrayal of Doug Forcett was amazing and perfect casting choice. D’Arcy Carden steals the episode with her scene as the kickass scene moments that really look from Kill Bill. Also, Ted Danson does some amazing work too. The writing was strong with character development. Overall, I give this episode a 9.5/10.

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You can catch The Good Place when they return on Thursday, December 6th at 8:30/7:30c on NBC.