Chicken Girls (S03E11) “Bye Bye Birdie”

There’s an all points bulletin out for Spike Smith and Birdie Kay. They are  gone to parts unknown.  Ergo, “Bye Bye Birdie”  

It’s also Thanksgiving break. School’s out. For various reasons, it appears there is not much to be grateful for; or so it seems to our Chicken Girls.

For example. Rooney invites Stephanie to Thanksgiving Dinner with fam and the Chicken Girls. Steph appreciates the invite, yet she has plans …with her girlfriend! What?! They may stop by for dessert.  Rooney has that look of flabbergast!  

Rhy is upset because she’s no longer Juliet to Drake’s Rodeo. She runs into the  girls room to find, Ellie’Brooke. She’s  crying over the apparent mess, she’s made of her Freshman year. Rhy invites her…and Robbie to  join them for Thanksgiving at Quinn’s.

 Kayla isn’t speaking to Flash. He doesn’t know why. I’m not sure either. So she’s at the dinner without…

Yes these 10 minutes are all  about The Chicken Girls and their Thanksgiving.  It could have easily been a ho hum, “so so” episode, yet it does not disappoint.

The realization that Rooney could be attracted to Stephanie, was no surprise. Yet her obvious disappointment in finding out she’s  in a relationship was sweet.

 Seeing Birdie’s mom, come to dinner,  gave Rhyme an opportunity to actually phone, TJ!  She misses him. He doesnt answer. She leaves  a message.  

But the confessions of Ellie ‘Brooke and Robby in the kitchen was the best!  They really care about each! Sealed with a kiss was the icing! “YES!”

So don’t expect Ellie to carry the,”Brooke” much longer.  Earlier, she over heard the B’s &  Beatrice laughing about using Tim . She’s threatened not to tell. So she will, no doubt!

And Robbie will probably break off whatever that was. with Brittany for the better “B” Ellie! Ouch! Bee stings hurt!  Ellie “B”ware! 

And always with the best tease at episode end; Mama Robbie shows up, demanding, her son pack his bags! He’s going on tour with her!

Robbie and Ellie, hold hands in disbelief!  

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