Fresh Off The Boat (S05E06) “Sub Standard”

With the failure of her novel, Jessica finds the next project. Here’s a recap.

As Jessica still mourns the failure of her novel; she’s trying to find things to take her mind off of it. From getting Louis to get off the couch and lose weight to even getting both Even and Emery to fix their grandmother’s table. But when Eddie talks about his substitute teacher and how he doesn’t use a syllabus for the class, it gets Jessica to investigate it. She tries to get the regular teacher back but she’s gonna be out due to an injury.

After visiting the class, she’s confident that she’s found what she wants to do, a school administrator. Wouldn’t that be cool?

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Meanwhile, in the episode, Louis teams up with Honey to lose weight; after a couple of fail attempts of joining a few classes, Honey learns some shocking news. She’s pregnant again! Even and Emery tries to hide from Jessica, they get into a corner when they tell her that they were helping grandma. And they get stuck doing some chores.

“Sub Standard” was a good and funny episode. There were some moments that very much wow me from Honey learning that she’s pregnant (because Chelsey Crisp is pregnant in real life) and Jessica trying to find ways to keep her mind from thinking about her novel and figures out she wants to be an administrator at the school. There was a good character development with Jessica. But if there was one thing that I would take out of this episode it’s the line that Louis says when watching Montel: “Montel and Mentos, Fresh breath, fresh talk.” Overall, I give this episode an 8.5/10.

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