Manifest (S01E08) “Point of No Return”

  This review contains some major spoilers for the eighth episode of Manifest entitled Point of No Return. (as well as some for all other episodes).

Manifest is ramping up all of its mysteries right before the fall finale (which is coming next week), while still letting us get to know our characters who are still getting used to all of the things happening because of the phenomenon with their returned plane.    

The New Normal

Cal and Olive 300x170 - Manifest (S01E08) “Point of No Return”
Jack Messina as Cal Stone and Luna Blaise as Olive Stone

Ben (Josh Dallas) and Grace (Athena Karkanis) decide that the best way for Cal (Jack Messina) to get to his new “normal” is to go back to school. Olive (Luna Blaise) was the best big sister to her twin that she could be. She took the reins to make sure that he began to acclimate to a world where not only was is sister five years older than him, but so are all of his friends. Even with the experiments on Marko threatening to continue, Cal wanted to be more than just the “cancer” kid (and now more than just the 828 kid). His friends showed him that, they are determined to accept him just as much as his sister. Meanwhile, Ben and Grace plan to have a date night, in an attempt to rekindle their relationship in the wake of Grace’s feelings of abandonment over Ben leaving her when Cal was sick to chase after a Calling.

Ben and Grace 300x200 - Manifest (S01E08) “Point of No Return”
Athena Karkanis as Grace Stone and Josh Dallas as Ben Stone

“Don’t Lose Him”

Mick and Harvey1 300x200 - Manifest (S01E08) “Point of No Return”
Rich Topol as Harvey Stein and Melissa Roxburgh as Michaela Stone

Michaela’s (Melissa Roxburgh) new Calling comes in the form of a voice saying, “Don’t lose him.” While she is convinced that the voice has something to do with Jared (J.R. Ramirez), an encounter with a fellow 828 passenger Harvey “I’m going to sue this airline.” Stein (guest star, Rich Topol) who has become a suicidal drunk makes her think otherwise. While trying to talk Harvey from a ledge, he tells her that he just wants to make sure that people stop dying. Before she can get more answers, Harvey follows through on his suicide attempt, making Michaela convinced that she once again failed a Calling. She and Jared investigate Harvey’s life and find out that he had been telling people at a local bar about his Callings and now two of the three people he told, had died.  This causes Michaela to worry that Jared and Grace might be in danger because they were told about the Callings. She once again hears the voice as she is trying to push Jared away at the scene of the death of another one of Harvey’s friends, just driving home her feelings of dread about her ex-fiance’s safety.  

Mick and Jared 300x160 - Manifest (S01E08) “Point of No Return”
Melissa Roxburgh as Michaela Stone and J.R. Ramirez as Jared Vasquez

The Enemy of my Enemy…is still my Enemy

Ben and Vance 300x167 - Manifest (S01E08) “Point of No Return”
l to r: Josh Dallas as Ben Stone and Daryl Edwards as NSA Director Vance

Ben forms an unlikely alliance with NSA Director Vance (Daryl Edwards) in an attempt to find the missing passengers, and ultimately help Cal. While working with him and Dr. Fiona Clarke (guest star, Francesca Faridany) they manage to plan a bug in the office of The Singularity Project (the shady organization that is a front for U.D.S. (Unified Dynamic Systems) ) who they have figured to be a major player in trying to figure out what has been going on with the passengers. Dr. Clarke believes that The Singularity Project is attempting to cause the Callings to happen to the kidnapped passengers, for some kind of purpose. She tells Ben that she had attempted a similar experiment with rats, but the test subjects died from the procedure. This causes Ben to be even more determined to find Marko and the others before the experiments can start again.

Gearing up for the finale on Monday night, which will be the last Manifest episode until after the new year. I am betting that there will be some major cliffhangers in this next episode and I for one cannot wait for!

Questions for this week:

Are Jared and Grace really in danger because Mick and Ben told them about the Callings?

Can Cal’s link to Marko help with Ben and Vance in finding the other passengers?