This Is Us (S03E08) “Six Thanksgivings”

This week’s episode of This Is Us was a big one. But it’s one to remember on a holiday like Thanksgiving. Here’s a recap!

As Jack has Nick under his command, things weren’t too smooth as he hopes. After listening to some of the soldiers talk about him; Jack walks out and sees a mother helping her son to their hut with a foot injury.  Jack ordered Nick to help him but he doesn’t want to and later tells Jack about what had happened and why he’s been such a butthead.

In 1997, as Jack and Rebecca get ready for their Thanksgiving dinner and awaiting for Miguel,  Randell tells them along with Kevin and Kate about his essay to college and why being inspired by one person is flawed. But when Miguel comes, he’s distraught about how his ex-wife is making them think he’s a bad father. Jack gives him one of his famous type of speeches and we see that use in the present time when he and Rebecca see his kids for the first time.

When Miguel and Rebecca visit his kids for Thanksgiving, it doesn’t go so smoothly. Miguel’s son disrespects Rebecca and gets Miguel to speak up unlike we have seen the past three seasons.

Randell and Beth helped to feed the needy on Thanksgiving for a campaign event, but when Randell and Jae-won don’t see eye to eye on what’s best for this campaign. Instead of listening to his campaign manager, Randell listens and uses Beth’s ideas to boost her confidence. But they visit Jesse and we see a flashback of how William and Jesse met and their relationship took off.

While Randell and Beth are out, Kate and Toby handle the Thanksgiving dinner. Toby gets overwhelmed about from Randell’s guidebook to fix stuff, but Kate tries to calm him down. It gets awkward when Toby deliveries something to Tess, who felt sick but really experienced her first period. Kate talks to her and after talking about Kate’s first period, Tess comes out and Kate supports her decision.

As Kate comes down to the kitchen, she sees Toby carrying bags of takeout from Popeyes. Kate gives Toby a kiss and tells him that he just pulled off the same magic that Jack would do in the situation. And soon everyone comes in for Thanksgiving dinner, including Kevin and Zoe who are on video messager.

“Six Thanksgivings” was a jam-packed episode that had what I would call an actual true Thanksgiving episode. I was amazed by the strong writing and the character development in this episode. But I was mainly stunned by Miguel. As he showed his true colors.  His argument to his kids (mainly to his son) was not just to them but to those Miguel haters out there (which I was one of them in the first season but realized that he’s a good guy). Jon Huertas steals the episode with his strong and breakout performance.  Overall, I give this episode a 9/10.

You can catch the fall finale of This Is Us Tuesday at 9/8c on NBC.