Supergirl (S04E07) “Rather the Fallen Angel”

Okay guys and gals we had  a really good episode tonight and we have quite a bit to talk about! So Manchester Black did some things in this episode that we will talk about, James Olsen (Mehcad Brooks) had some ultimatums to make in this episode, and Lena did her first human trial of her cure! Lets get to this review!

So in this episode we had quite a lot that happened, Lena (Katie McGrath) was looking for her first test subject and with luck she was able to find her first subject. Her first test subject was Adam (Michael Johnston) who was just a kid who thought what Lena was working towards to doing something that could be pretty awesome. At first he was confused about what it really was that they were testing him for, but when he asked eventually, Lena had explained to Adam what it was they were testing on him. And he saw it as a good way to repay his brother’s memory; to do this test, to become a hero to cure all diseases and to honor what his brother did to save his life all those years ago. When Lena saw how dedicated Adam was, she moved forward with the test, even though he died during the test, at least Lena can now be certain that the testing is not fully ready for human trials!

Honestly, I think Lena has the right idea about how to use the gift from the kryptonians to create a cure for human illnesses but at the same time I feel like it’s going to back fire completely. Like I feel like, whoever the cure does work on its going to not just give the person powers but warp their mind to where they think themselves as either a god or something around those lines. But the real question is who will the cure work on? What super villain or super powered character will rise out of the product? These are questions I feel like will be answered very soon if not in the first half of the season then definitely the second half you know! Whatever it is, like I said I feel like it’s not going to be good of what comes out of it.

As we saw in the last episode James (Mehcad Brooks) was taken to the base of the “children of liberty” to meet with Agent Liberty/Ben Lockwood (Sam Witwer) to talk about the acts of what his people are doing to aliens! While meeting with Agent Liberty; he noticed James had try to convince one of his people, Caldwell (Jason Cermak) to stop doing what they are doing and leave the path. But Agent Liberty wasn’t happy about that so he gave James an ultimatum either do what he wants, just one little thing or watch Caldwell die. But if James decides against the plan, Caldwell still dies. So James agreed to the plan which was to destroy the monument that was a sign of peace between humans and aliens alike! But we all knew that this idea was only to get people to watch Agent Liberty’s private show on the cable network to show what the “children of liberty” are all about and Liberty even thought it would bring his show to a high peak for a first episode! But unfortunately things didn’t go as planned all because James realized Kara/Supergirl (Melissa Benoist) was in the monument and chose to not blow it but try to save Caldwell on his own by taking down the children of liberty and almost died but Caldwell had his back and saved him just like how James saved Caldwell.

Manchester Black (David Ajala) got on the bad side of Supergirl this episode, by revealing what he’s been doing with the children of liberty. Even with everyone else seeing Manchester as not so much of a nice guy; Jon (David Harewood) saw the good in Manchester still, even when Kara/Supergirl tried telling him about what he was doing but as always Jon needs to see it for his own eyes before he can actually believe it. Manchester took advantage of Supergirl’s kindness to betray her at the last minute to give her to the children of liberty. And I feel like the direction they are going with Manchester Black that he’s going to be going into the villain route very soon! After all when those children of liberty betrayed him he gunned them down, I mean it makes the obvious sense that Agent Liberty creates the villainous Manchester Black whose been learning everything about Supergirl, the D. E. O, even Jon Jonz! Like what he did to Jon at the end was unforgivable forcing him to feel all the pain that he did to those children of liberty victims. Manchester is literally becoming the villain we all have been hoping for him to become and I think by the time it comes to the second half of the season, Manchester will be the main villain focus and not Agent Liberty. I could be wrong but we shall see!

Next Episode: Supergirl(S04E08) “Bunker Hill” airs Sunday December 2, 2018 at 8/7c on The CW