Chicken Girls (S03E12) “Rodeo and Juliet “

Finally! It’s “Rodeo and Juliet”  The entire school is in witness.  And Juliet sucks!  

As performed by Angie. It’s no surprise. She had missed too many rehearsals and appears weak from the Mono virus. Yet her narcissistic need to perform was supported by the drama teach and more so Drake!  

I think he just wanted to get away from the growing attraction he is feeling for Rhyme.

Ltitle Harmony and friend, provided the critique, worthy of Siskel & Ebert. They were great for 9 year olds. “William Shakespere is rolling in his grave” 

The B’s provided mean and others just cringed. Angie realized she was tanking the play and became flustered and frustrated when Rhyme had to feed her lines.  She stormed off the stage.  

Then enter Rhyme to  do Juliet, saving the day and the play.  “It’s me, Juliet, ya’ll” Applause all around!  It was classic and who didn’t see that coming, eh?  

It was so good, Drake even got the nerves to ask Rhyme to the dance! She accepted, I think. Couldn’t tell through her happiness.

And speaking of the dance: this is where Queen B, Beatrice intends to break Tim’s heart. She wants to do it in front of everybody!  It’s a bet! 

However, soon to be ex-Brooke and “B” Ellie, does the right thing and tells Tim. He’s not surprised. It was too good to be true.  Geek and Queen. Yet he ain’t going out like that. He asks Ellie for her help! Ohhh. This rounds good! “See you at the party!”

It’s another,  “worth your 13 of your 15 minutes break time” to catch up.  

Side bar: Last week’s cliff-hanger”What happened to Robbie!” This inquiring mind, wants to know!  

Chicken Girls airs on  Youtube, Tuesday’s, the Brat channel, 3p/Pacific, 6p/Eastern