S.W.A.T. (S02E09) – “Day Off”



SWAT S02E09 Hondo and sis 300x169 - S.W.A.T. (S02E09) - "Day Off"
Briana ends up in hospital after being roofied at the club

Moments before checking out of the hotel, Hondo (Shemar Moore) gets a call from Brianna (Gabrielle Dennis). Brianna tells him how she’s been drugged and that the guy is after her. She ends up slipping and falling in the women’s bathroom stall. Hondo quickly comes to her aid. After meeting with the detective on the case, he tells Hondo about there being 3 other women who had the same thing happen to them. Hondo and Nia (Nikiva Dionne) speak to one of them the women and all she can remember is the smell of rotten eggs. He mentions this to Brianna and she recalls her days in art school where a poxy resin they used smelled similar to that. After HQ cross-referenced this with the available information they found him – William Tanner (Shawn Ashmore). Hondo, with his blood already boiling and on edge, pays William a visit. William, smart to cover all his bases, easily gets under Hondo’s skin. After taking a cup William used for DNA, he threatened to kill him, a step Nia tells him is too far. Nia knows that Hondo has been struggling to control his anger lately and that this slope he might be on, won’t end well. In the end, Hondo admits that they both knew this wasn’t long-term and they decide to take some space – let’s be honest, they broke up. In all honesty, it’s as if Hondo has commitment issues – Deacon (Jay Harrington) also referred to this in the episode when giving some advice to Tan (David Lim), “You don’t wanna marry the wrong one, but you don’t wanna be so scared that you don’t marry the right one.”


SWAT S02E09 Pharmacy 300x169 - S.W.A.T. (S02E09) - "Day Off"
Unfortunate events lead to the discovery of Charlie Moss

After a pharmacy robbery was quickly stopped by S.W.A.T. led by Seargent Mumford  (Peter Onorati) joined by Deacon and Tan. Noticing a witness leaving the store, Mumford quickly realises that its Charlie Moss. Charlie Moss, who’s guilty of 3 counts of murder and 1 count of attempted murder of the  VPs and CEO of the company he believes stole his app. After losing in court, Charlie turned murderous and has been on the run ever since. After visiting the company where the surviving CEO now works, Deacon quickly realises that the other witness works there. Deborah Freeman, a now suspicious witness, Mumford and the guys breach her house only to have her threaten to use ricin. Deacon and Mumford safely take her down and soon realise Charlie’s plan. Charlie plans to use the ricin to poison everyone in the building. Calling everyone in, they plan to stop him. As it turns out, Deborah was dating the maintenance man and gave his key card to Charlie. Charlie killed him and took his finger, literally. He used the finger to lock everyone out of the system and seal the building. His plan was to put the ricin in the AC and subsequently kill everyone trapped in the building. Hondo arrived in time to take out the front door and get the trapped civilians to safety. Mumford went after Charlie and after a fight scene, took him down. But at the end when everyone leaves, we see him in the locker room in pain from the day’s work.



On a side note, Street (Alex Russel) and Luca (Kenny Johnson) are living together is East Hollywood. Chris (Lina Esco) got her uncle to help fix up the house. But it’s never that easy. Chris, Luca and Street meet with a crew in the block and soon find out things aren’t going to be all sunshine and roses.

  • With Hondo single again, it seems he really can’t hold a relationship. But this one seemed different, it seemed as if they had a chance. But Hondo pushed her away. He is filled with anger and rage, his emotions are all over the show. He needs to get it in check or else the consequences could be dire.
  • Hondo is beginning to tread the line between righteous and right. He always wants to do what’s right and wants to solve all problems and injustices. But some battles are better left untouched. And sometimes, what’s righteous isn’t always what’s right. And sometimes what’s right is all that you can do.
  • Through the rest of the season, we will start to see how Hondo will deal with this. Battling the anger, and simultaneously carrying the weight of the world on his shoulder


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