The Gifted (S02E08) “the dreaM”

What a spectacular episode! It wasn’t necessarily full of action, but the performances delivered by the cast were so perfect you didn’t miss it. This was absolutely my favourite episode of the season, but who here is really surprised by that at this point. I don’t hide my love for Lorna and everything to do with her.

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We finally got to see more of Lorna and her origins, as well as some very sweet #Eclaris moments. They are by far my favourite couple, and I am obsessed with the aurora they create when they are together. It is my hope that they get reunite for good soon because the show is so much better with them as a pair. It was wonderful seeing how far Lorna was willing to go for Dawn, especially knowing Polaris grew up without her father.

We are treated to multiple flashbacks detailing her upbringing and the struggles that accompanied it. I could empathize with her completely as a fellow outsider and depression diagnosee. On top of that she was a mutant. It’s understandable that she’d have such a hard time in a small town. Places like that tend to harbour concrete beliefs and people who are resistant to change. Lorna even comments on this when taking Dawn to her adoptive mother.

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As we all know Lorna’s biological father is none other than Magneto himself. While I doubt he will make an appearance, his presence is still felt through out the show. Currently it’s very much a like father like daughter situation, and I’m hoping the final moment of the episode gave Lorna some perspective. I got chills when I saw her manipulating her fathers medalion, and I knew exactly where it was going. I was not disappointed. Her headpiece is definitely smaller than her comic counterparts, but it’s still very Polaris. I hope it becomes a frequent piece of her wardrobe, and not just a rare appearance. I love any comic references, especially when they are costume related.

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Speaking of callbacks, did any of y’all catch that music box song? That was a slick little easter egg from the movies, courtesy of the writers of course. A new character who seems to want to help the Struckers delivers this treat. She does, just not in the way they think. Of course, there would be some kind of catch, it wouldn’t be The Gifted without one. I’m sure we won’t have to wait long to see the consequences of what Lauren learns, which is something I appreciate about the series.