MacGyver (S03E09) “Specimen 234 + PAPR + Outbreak”

In this episode of MacGyver, the team is back in action, all of them. With Jack (George Eads) and Leanna (Reign Edwards) being MIA for the past couple of episodes, it’s good to see them back. It doesn’t take long for a new, time-sensitive mission to fall in their laps. This time the CDC is in need of their specialized skills. Spoilers Ahead.

Although Riley (Tristin Mays) is not part of this mission, she is on an adventure of her own with Billy (Lance Gross). Who is promising an unforgettable surprise at the end of their journey. Making their way from LA to Dallas in style, it’s a great bonding time for an electric couple. They mesh so well together, and it’s nice for them to have some “normality” when chaos seems to surround them. Trouble still finds a way to interrupt their fun, but they are the wrong people to mess with.

macgyvers03e093 - MacGyver (S03E09) “Specimen 234 + PAPR + Outbreak”
Billy and Riley going off the grid for alone time. (Photo: Screenshot by Author of review)
Zombie Apocalypse? No problem!

On the other end of the spectrum, the remaining team members are dealing with a serious and potentially life-threatening situation. A deadly virus has been stolen from a high-security facility. It has the capacity to infect and kill millions of people if they don’t catch the “good” Doctor Luca (Rod Hallett) in time. Talk about a time crunch. The team thrives under pressure, but this one may be too little, too late. Especially when they come to learn that the culprit has infected himself with the virus.

This is the start of any well-meaning zombie apocalypse movie. With the threat of a global epidemic hanging in the balance, MacGyver (Lucas Till) must work his out-of-the-box magic, before it’s too late. Bozer (Justin Hires), Jack and MacGyver track the doctor to Romania, where he is on a suicide revenge mission. Hoping to avenge the death of his brother, who was killed in an unfortunate mining accident. Grief can do a lot of things to people, including putting millions of innocent bystanders at risk.

With the window to infection closing in on them, this is a time crunch like no other. Especially when the doctor has taken on another alias, making it nearly impossible to pinpoint where he could be heading next. Thanks to MacGyver, they are able to track down his whereabouts. The gravity of the situation weighs on all of them, knowing that they may not be walking away from this with their lives.

macgyvers03e096 - MacGyver (S03E09) “Specimen 234 + PAPR + Outbreak”
Things just got a bit more complicated. (Photo: Screenshot by Author of review)
Nothing is impossible

Each team member adds a different strength to the team. Their diverse specialties seem to mesh so well together, and each of them plays a vital role. Even though it is too late for the misguided doctor, it’s not too late to stop the horrific virus from spreading. While Jack works his magic by creating one fantastical distraction, MacGyver puts his own life at risk to contain the doctor until the proper authorities get there.

It’s another action-packed episode, with a feel-good ending. They seem to be able to get themselves out of these predicaments, without too much of a hassle. Just another day in the life for The Phoenix Foundation. It has all been going too well if you ask me, which means whatever is coming, will hit them all hard.

Now to end this on a positive note. Billy happened to have a very long and enlightening talk with Elwood, making him privy to some important information. The long adventure him and Riley found them on, lead them straight to someone she has always wanted to meet. Her grandmother. Instilling, even more, the importance of family. It is a continuing theme this season. This cements the bond between Billy and Riley even more, it’s a beautiful thing.

With talks of George Eads leaving the show this season, the fate of the series is hanging in the balance. Even though there are so many unknowns, the fans will keep watching as long as they keep making this dynamic and adventurous show. We want to see more MacGyver, but wish George good luck in his future endeavors.

A new episode of MacGyver airs Friday, December 7 at 8/7c on CBS.