Supernatural “Unhuman Nature” (S14E07)

“It’s like I’m you!”
“No” “It’s not.”

I won’t lie, this episode truly hit me in the darn feels. Yes Jack’s condition is bad but I didn’t think that darn bad! The boy is pretty much on death row! An it’s too soon for them to lose anyone else at this point.

They took him to the doctor. They didn’t know anything or how to help; well they did say his body is shutting down but they can’t find the cause of why. How could they! He’s technically not freaking human! Only half! They had to take him home & see if Rowina could help. She was reluctant at first because he’s Lucifer’s son but she sees how much he isn’t like that man. And she also gives the same results.

But not at all the same as the doctor. We at least know why his body is pretty much shutting down. Since he is half human , half archangel his grace was the thing keeping him together. But since the fight with Lucifer & his grace got taken away he’s pretty much falling apart.

Jack doesn’t want to sit around until he fully dies, he wants to live his life. He thinks Dean is going to stop him but surprisingly he doesn’t. Dean decides to take Jack out to live his life doing the things that make him happy. An while there away Sam, Cast, & Rowina have to find a way to help him
Cast points out to Sam that Dean is taking this the hardest. They have lost people before but not a son. That hit me hard. A Son. Dean & Jack were butting heads left & right at the start. But over time they truly became a family, Dean accepted him, Dean became one of the Dads to Jack, but now he’s about to lose his son. Of course Dean isn’t handling it well, he vision kept going out of focus,
Which is another thing I did find weird. Is that an Other Michael side effect?

Well in the end Dean at burgers with Jack,, had a few beers, he even let him ride BABY! That’s a rarity! But what got me the most was that Jack told Dean he wanted to spend more time with him. That’s why he chose fishing. I could tell in Dean’s face  it was hurting him & it was hurting me too.
Cast did find grace & a spell from a Shaman that Catch knew. But he seemed shady & off. Which is a good things I thought this way because when they did do the spell he just only got worse. Cast told that Shaman that he would hunt him down if Jack dies because he wanted to do an “experiment” on Jack. It’s not funny to toy with lives but this is Supernatural. They always do.

All they can do now is stay by his side until his death. Or if they find another way to save him. Now let’s not forget about Nick. Can someone explain to me why he loves killing people with hammers?! He went after a priest, he almost went after a chick in the back of a club, & then went after the retired cop for answers. Which we did find out that a demon killed his wife & child. The man was just possessed. But Nick still killed him.

I get that they were busy with Other Michael an all but I need them to keep tabs on Nick. Cause he’s lost it! Lost it to the point that he doesn’t feel bad for killing plus he was praying. Praying for Lucifer to come back, asking where he is, saying he was lost, wanting him back. You don’t understand how thrilled but confused I was when I saw the scene play out. They showed the Nothing you guys, they showed it.
Does this mean, were going to be fighting things from the Nothing now? If so, this is truly going to be one hell of a season.


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