The Goldbergs (S06E08) “The Living Room: A 100% True Story”

The Goldbergs (S06E08) “The Living Room: A 100% True Story”

This week we get to see The Goldbergs’ living room. And no, that’s not the room where the family watches TV and Murray hangs out in his chair.

The Goldbergs had an actual living room that nobody was allowed to be in, unless you’re a Frenta of course. Beverly obsesses over the room and its furniture and tells Erica and Adam it’s worth a lot of money. After hearing this, they of course want to make sure to get the most valuable furniture when Bev is gone. But when they find out it isn’t worth anything besides ‘sentimental value’ (THE WORST VALUE OF ALL, DAMMIT), they lose interest. Beverly finds out her kids don’t appreciate the furniture the way they should and decides to sell it all instead. However, the auction house obviously doesn’t know the real value of Beverly’s stuff and prices it all way too low. But with Beverly’s prices, ranging from 2000 dollars to priceless, the auction doesn’t go well and all she sells is a red velvet couch, originally priced at 6.5 million dollars, for $200. After an owl fight between Beverly, Erica and Adam (don’t ask, just watch it 😂😂), Beverly explains to her kids that all she wants is for her kids to have a piece of the Goldberg family, and with that a piece of Beverly in their houses. To show her that they do care, Adam and Erica buy back the red velvet couch for their mom, and Beverly actually opens up her living room for everybody to use.

Elsewhere, Bev tries to get Murray to work out, but Murray bombards her with compliments to distract her so he doesn’t have to do anything. However, now that Barry is serious about becoming a doctor, he tries to get Murray into shape because he’s worried about his dad.

Here’s one of our new kittens trying to express her opinion on this episode:

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Anyway, back to my recap… Barry doesn’t want to tell his dad how he feels and instead tries to get Murray to drink milkshakes (Slim Fast) and use a metal octopus (Bowflex). Unfortunately Murray doesn’t fall for Barry’s “ingenious traps of health and wellness”. The last possible solution, Coach Mellor, isn’t of much help either when Murray is able to distract him as well. After all this, Barry decides to follow ‘stupid’ Matt Bradley’s idea and expresses his feelings. This scene where Barry tells his dad he cares about him is amazing. The JTP (minus Matt) are horrified by seeing Barry opening up as well as both Coach and Murray. Murray walks away from Barry and his feelings (this may be the most workout Murray has done in his life). When Barry gets him to stop, he explains why he is so worried: “I just want you to be around for a long time … I want you to be at my wedding, I want you to hold my babies someday. I want you to be in my life for as long as possible because I love you.” Murray isn’t ready to open up like this to his son, but eventually agrees to go for a walk with him every once in a while.

This episode really needed the title it got. Beverly’s story is so crazy that you can hardly believe it’s true. But the fact that it is and the execution of the whole plot made it really fantastic. From Adam and Erica physically fighting for the furniture to the whole unsuccessful auction with the Frentas, it was all hilarious. The best part of this was Wendi McLendon-Covey. She was especially amazing in the owl throwing scene, as were Hayley Orrantia and Sean Giambrone. I could watch that scene over and over and I will forever keep laughing at Beverly’s “HOW DARE YOU??!!”s.

I was happy to see the real Mrs. Goldberg back for the final scene of the episode. It makes the whole storyline even more convincing as a true story. And if you want to buy some of Bev’s stuff, you can… And if we have to believe Adam, he’ll give you the red ‘sitting opportunity’ for free.

The other story in this episode was equally entertaining. Not only did it have a very heartfelt and sweet ending between Barry and Murray, it also had a lot of really funny moments. I especially enjoyed the JTP’s role in this episode. The are great together as a group, and I love their encouragement of Barry. I know I’ve said this before, but the addition of Matt into this crazy friend group is really fantastic. I love how he is the only sensible one of the JTP, but that nobody listens to him. And even though the whole story was based on Barry being worried about Murray, the heartfelt ending was somehow unexpected (and very sweet).

The two storylines fit together well in this episode, possibly making it my favorite episode of season 6 so far.

There are only a few more episodes of The Goldbergs left in 2019. The next episode airs Wednesday December 5th, 8/7c on ABC.