Arrow (S07E08) “Unmasked”

Okay guys and gals we had another great episode brought to us tonight! We saw how Oliver readjusts to life being out of prison, does the New Green Arrow get unmasked? Who will the identity be? We also got our first look at Katherine McNamara’s character in the episode tonight but lets get to this review!

Okay so in this episode we saw how Oliver (Stephen Amell) is adjusting to life being out of prison. Seems like the first thing Oliver wanted to do was get that whole filled in beard shaved off or at least shaved short again but thats not a bad thing because it’s how it has to be because of a studio decision. But for Oliver’s adjustment it seems everything goes well until he eventually sees that Felicity (Emily Bett Rickards) has changed quite a lot. To see this new side to Felicity it definitely makes Oliver wonder why did this have to happen, even though in the back of his mind he knows why. But to see Felicity use a gun in his presence that’s what really threw Oliver off, and to have to hear that the old Felicity is gone it kind of broke Oliver’s heart because it’s the old Felicity that Oliver fell in love with!

So we did find out who the “New Green Arrow” is in this episode, it’s Emiko Queen (Sea Shimooka) which is a huge and I mean huge deal to comic book readers and to this series! To have Emiko come into the series now is really interesting, but I do have to say I did call it that the “New Green Arrow” would be a woman and I was right, but I did not expect it to be Emiko which is just amazing! So as you all know I like going into comic book history about the new characters introduced to the series, Emiko Queen has a huge comic book history, but in all of the comic book history it always comes down to one true fact, Emiko Queen is the long lost daughter of Robert Queen. In the comics Robert Queen and Shado had an affair and with that affair came a child that Sahdo had to raise all by herself. And then when Emiko became a teenager she started asking about her father. Well at this time Oliver had been the Green Arrow for years and when Emiko wanted to meet Oliver, Shado had forbid it but like Emiko she chose to go anyway. But when the Rebirth comics came Emiko and Oliver chose to live together but Emikio was still under the influence of her mother Shado’s will. Even though she was still influenced she denied what her mother was always asking of her and chose to side with Oliver where the two of them became a pair of superheroes always being a good team. But how will her arc work for the television series? Given that Shado and Robert never did any sexual things, who did Robert Queen have an affair with to create Emiko back then? I guess we will get answers about that in 2019!

We also got our first look into Maya (Katherine McNamara) whose also known by the comic villain name Black Star. Now Maya is a street caged fighter who seems to have worked with Felicity a few times in the future at some point. Now to have a code name like Black Star, it’s interesting because there was a villain known as Black Star in the comics but there’s not that much comic info about Black Star all I know is that his ability is Energy Absorption, the comic book version has pretty much called himself a living black hole. But the question is, will Maya have any meta abilities that are like Black Star’s? Or will it be more like just a code name that she just thought up? The only way we can know is by seeing more of her in future episodes!

With Oliver/Green Arrow now working with the Star City Police Department, what new code will Oliver have while being suited up as Green Arrow? How long will Oliver work with the Police Department before something bad happens? I guess we will have to wait and find out!

We did get the same scene as we did in the Supergirl episode last night about the Elseworlds which makes sense because they want people to be able to watch the scene before the episode premieres next week!

Next Week: Arrow(S07E09) “Elseworlds part 1” airs Monday December 10, 2018 at 8/7c on The CW