Black Lightning(S02E08) “The Book of Rebellion: Chapter One: Exodus”

Okay guys and gals we had another great episode brought to us tonight but we also saw ramifications towards Gambi’s secrets with the rest of the Pierce family. But what will become of Khalil and Jennifer? These are all things and more that we will get to in tonight’s review, so lets get to it!

So in this episode Jennifer (China McClain) and Khalil (Jordan Calloway) ran away from home but didn’t really get that far away, they more of got just a little bit of ways to the next town before they were attacked! It wasn’t long until Khalil realized they need a place to lay low so they chose to stay at Khalil’s aunt Nichelle (Yolanda T. Ross) house. But even with Khalil’s life choices, even his aunt knows that he is in some deep, deep trouble and was very worried for Jennifer which is really nice of her, because sure family is suppose to protect one and the other but when they are more worried about someone else other than their family member that is selflessness! Meanwhile, Pierce family was trying to group together to find out what happened to Jennifer and they get the news from Anissa (Nafessa Williams) about what she saw on Jennifer’s phone at one point before which was a text from Khalil. So she put two and two together and made the realization which is really smart, but we all know that Anissa is really smart!

For those who have lost a child or have known someone who has lost a child or even had or knew of someone’s child kidnapped you all felt for Lynn (Christine Adams) in his episode. Losing a child or fearing for their safety is never something to joke about, it’s a serious issue that has been brought to our real lives in many years; you never know wither that child is going to come back home alive or you are going to get the terrifying news from a stranger that your child has been killed; and that’s something that should never happen but it does. We all know the stages that someone goes through, trying to find that perfect piece of clothing to remember the smell of them or hold their picture near you praying, hoping to god that your child comes home safely. Am I someone who knows what it’s like, no, but I know others who were in Lynn’s similar state of mind, and not all of them had happy endings. Did I feel for Lynn in this episode, absolutely, because like I said I knew people who were in her state of mind and they never recovered either. It lead them to dark paths, but Lynn has one thing that my friends never did, a family that will always help her through the dark times, through the dark paths.

If you know anyone who has lost a child to any violence or to being kidnapped, there are people out there you can call now to get through those times, it’s just a simple number to call. Just one number can help a parent through the hard times that not many are or were able to deal with and lead to other punishments! You can get help, and it’s important that you do if you are ever suffering through similar pains or griefs.

On a more lighter note, I did like that we finally got the Thunder Cycle in this episode! I was always wondered if we would ever get Anissa’s Thunder Cycle on the show; a part of me knew that we would get the cycle especially since it’s easy to build motorcycles for a television series. But at the same time you never know wither you will get certain things from the comics into the series because some things might not be so simple or easy to build or might be expensive to build. But at least for this episode we got it, and I hope it stays, I wonder if it has any gadgets in it?

Jefferson/Black Lightning (Cress Williams) and Anissa got to Khalil’s aunt’s house but to face off against one of Tobias’s (Marvin Jones III) assassins Cutter (Kearran Giovanni) who is known for her knives. Hence in how she got the name, but with Cutter on both Jennifer’s and Khalil’s trail, who will get to the two of them first? Will Cutter get to the two of them and either Khalil or Jennifer dies? Or will Black Lightning and Thunder get to the two of them first and save them from Cutter? After seeing the preview of next weeks I feel like someone is going to die, I just hope it’s not Jennifer because there is so much more story arc’s that they can do for her especially when she chooses to become a superhero like her older sister and her father. But will they get to that? Will they go down to were we never see Jennifer become the hero that we know her to become in the comics? I guess we will have to wait and find out next week since it’s the Mid-Season Finale!

Next Episode: Black Lightning(S02E09) “The Book of Rebellion: Chapter Two: Gift of the Magi” airs Tuesday December 11, 2018 at 9/8c on The CW