Bull (S03E09) “Separation”

“Separation”  is affairs of the heart. Major players are Danny and her boo, Gabriel and then Geoffrey, a recent divorced/widower.

 It”s about loss loves and how we retain it, remember it and salvage it

First off, “Unchanged Melody” is playing softly in the background. (Bull has the best music selection!)

A man, Geoffrey Schrieber, (Eli Robert)  stares lovingly at a portrait.  It’s a  Cole Tramaine piece of his ex wife, Melanie, now deceased.  It’s valued at $10M! He takes it, when the housekeeper is out of the room. 

Geoffrey is accused of theft and has 24 hours to return the painting. It’s promised, along with all of her belongings to a Museum.

Geoffrey is claiming ownership, as the portrait was promised…by Melanie to him. He just didn’t pick it up, out of respect, while she was making her transition 

They go to court. He’s represented by his attorney Wade McIntyre (Jason Tottenham)  He’s very good. Benny is otherwise occupied.

Back at TAC, ICE questions Danny. The young man she was with, saved a life, in that fancy restaurant, “thank you”. But he’s  not naturalized.  

So, “who is he, what’s his name? “She’s not talking, but he’s picked up anyway.  “Not Cable”  finds him in a detention center.  He’s in orange.  

Gabriel’s  been here 7 years, jipped out of his papers by a swindler; promising USA citizenship. He didn’t return to his country, for pain of death.  He goes to court. Benny steps up to take the case. Sweet! 

Judge Aaron Wentworth (James Riordan)  is not impressed,  sympathic nor kind. Bail is, $10k.  With a warning to Mr Colon, “you’d  better not be wasting the courts time” 

And we find,  Wentworth has already made up his mind. He obviously wasn’t listening to testimony. He was doing paperwork, made no eye contact and didnt change posture. The hearing was a  formality. A checkpoint! 

Yet, the Judge wanted to know, in a question he asked of the character witness and former FBI agent,  Danny : “Did he break the law? ” “Yes” Ouch! 

“So how can a person willingly break the laws of the country that he wants to take him in?  He’s already showing a disregard and disrespect for the laws of the land!” Gabriel Almonte was done and he knew it!   

And in the ABC and the black & white of it, the judge was right! However, with an expansion in consciousness and simple morality…well it’s so much more than A+B=C.  

Though not of the usual criminal elements of graft, greed, murder and “who done it” the episode was good and…different.

Indeed, the show of expanded awareness, right action and  compassion, came through .  “A sign of the times?”  

The values of cell phone messages, acts of gratitude and private jets are realized and appreciated on, “a whole ‘nother level”Yet see for yourself.  

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