The Flash(S05E08) “What’s Past is Prologue”

Okay guys and gals we had a really, really good episode, it’s our 100th episode! The biggest events happened in tonight’s episodes that actually makes a lot of sense in a lot of the past episodes. But this episode leaves us with many more questions that we will get to in a little bit! But first lets get to the review!

So this was the biggest episode we’ve had on here since last year with the whole wedding part in the last year crossover episode. Anyway, in this episode we saw that the team was trying to figure out a way to help defeat Cicada (Chris Klein) but was coming up with nothing. It was not until Nora (Jessica Parker Kennedy) made a suggestion that forced Barry (Grant Gustin) to realize he was going to have to face against the biggest parts of his past. Not only did these parts become big parts of Barry’s timeline but it also brought back memories like how Barry came close to losing the love of his life Iris (Candice Patton) by the hands of Savitar (voiced by Tobin Bell), or when Barry had to lose his speed to Zoom (voiced by Tony Todd, played by Teddy Sears), or when the particle accelerator blew and changed many people’s lives all because of the doings of Harrison Wells/Eobard Thawne (Tom Cavanagh).

Now it’s definitely a privilege to get all these characters back in an episode, I mean most of the episode was to be dealing with these three from Barry’s past. I mean Nora was able to get a more understanding towards Barry’s past by actually seeing the events happen herself. Like you could tell that she was definitely hyped to see Barry’s fight against Savitar. And she had no idea how Savitar got erased from existence either, so to see that her mother had saved her father’s life I think she got even more respect for Iris after seeing that. And then when they went back to seeing Zoom, things got hairy but it wouldn’t be a Flash episode if it didn’t get a little hairy am I right? Because Zoom saw Barry and Nora in the current timeline they had to escape as fast as they could.

Now when it got to Barry confronting Thawne about a little problem that they ran into; Thawne named off quite a few names of speedsters that were under Bary’s wing such as his other daughter Dawn, Jesse Chambers, Danica Williams, and Libby Lawrence. Eventually Thawne got Nora’s name right and made the remark about at least having one still around. Which you know that had to of hurt even a little; but all what Nora sees is a man who is quite brilliant but kinda creepy. But you have to also remember that Nora grew up without Barry so to kind of see Thawne’s suit as kind of a piece of legendary tech is understandable especially since she’s only read about Thawne and Barry’s rivalry and never about why it became a rivalry.

Now me being a fan of the music, I have to say that I was happy and excited to get a listen to the old themes of Reverse Flash, Zoom and Savitar! I know I can always listen to them on the soundtracks but still, hearing them on the episodes is way much cooler because thats when you get the goosebumps all over again when listening to the themes. Especially with Thawne/Reverse Flash’s theme it’s always been the one that’s always given me goosebumps I mean that creepiness but yet epic feel to it when it plays it’s so masterfully done. And we can all thank Blake Neely for that, I mean he’s the master of creating such wonderful and amazing music for all these years for the show and every season I’m even more thankful for the themes that he brings to the table! But the piece of music I’m glad that they brought back to this episode was The Allen’s Family theme, the piece of music that they used to play when Henry Allen (John Wesley Shipp) and Barry always had a father/son moment!

And one of the questions is, Why is Nora sending messages from the past to the present to Thawne in a jail cell? I mean would we have ever known if it wasn’t for Nora learning from Barry about Thawne killing his mother and tried preventing Barry from becoming the Flash? Maybe not, but the next big question is, How the heck is Thawne even alive in that time period? He was erased from existence twice, the second time he was erased from existence in all timelines thanks to Black Flash, so seriously how in the heck is he alive?? Maybe we will get more answers later on, I sure hope so!

Next Episode: The Flash(S05E09) “Elseworlds Part 1” airs Sunday December 9, 2018 at 8/7c on The CW