Legacies (S01E05) “Malivore”

The knife is continuing to gain more and more attention, but this time the creature talks. Alaric  (Matt Davis) makes an announcement that has the students fighting for votes. Penelope (Lulu Antariksa) causes some damage between the sisters. Landon’s future at the school is decided.

The Honor Council 

Alaric grants permission for the students to form an Honor Council in order to have a voice in the rules and how the school is run. One vampire, one witch and one werewolf will form this Council. This news has the students doing whatever they have to do for votes. Rafael (Peyton “Alex” Smith) even takes down the jerk of an Alpha to get the vote he wants. See, he is now the Alpha, which guarantees his seat on the Council and a yes vote for Landon (Aria Shahghasemi) to say at the school. Penelope is secretly getting votes for Josie (Kaylee Bryant) who isn’t running because Lizzie (Jenny Boyd) is (See the problem here?). The winners are announced and M. G. (Quincy Fouse) and Lizzie, who think they have it in the bag, aren’t on that list. Landon’s fate is in the hands of Kaleb (Chris De’Sean Lee), Josie, Rafael and Hope (who put herself on the Council because she is a one of a kind).

Dryad Confessions 

The latest creature to show up for the knife is a Dryad (the living spirit of a tree) and she actually talks. Dorian (Demetrius Bridges) has set a trap and she is caught. Seeing humans as untrustworthy, she won’t answer any questions until Dorian or Alaric brings back her true love. Turns out that her true love Oliver (Andreas Damm) doesn’t remember her… because many creatures were erased from memory, now considered to be myths. Unfortunately she can’t help but make a play for the knife forcing  Dorian to use a bow and arrow. Now dying, she tells Dorian that she was in a place called Malivore (where the voices are telling her to take the knife) and it sounds dreadful!

Hope Gives in And Lets Go

Hope (Danielle Rose Russell) is finally coming around with the Landon thing… until jerkboy Jed (Ben Levin), not taking losing his Alpha status well, beats the crap out of Landon. Apparently all of his problems began when he and Rafael showed up. When the vote comes around, Hope votes no to protect Landon. Basically Rafael and Emma (Karen David) are the only Yes votes so Landon must leave the school. Hope gets him a ticket to New Orleans and a magical bracelet (a call for help if he is in danger), then walks him to the bus stop. They share a kiss as the bus arrives (Finally!!).

Lizzie And Her Abuse Of Innocent Objects 

It’s no surprise that Lizzie doesn’t take the loss of the council seat well, especially losing to her twin. While she is taking her anger out on a punching bag in the gym, Penelope drops in for a little conversation. Lizzie and Josie thought that Penelope got people to vote for Josie to be mean… wrong. She did it FOR Josie. She believes that Josie will never have a life of her own because she is always taking care of Lizzie, so she made sure that Josie now has something all her own. This prompts Lizzie to blow up the poor punching bag. An angry Rafael walks in and they hook up (misery does love company). Poor Josie is going to be heartbroken when she finds out.. and I have a feeling she WILL find out.

Legacies airs Thursday nights on The CW at 8pm Central