The Gifted (S02E09) “gaMe changer”

Boy oh boy was this week’s episode intense! I almost felt bad for Rebecca, at least until she went after my girl Lorna. I was happy to see Andy step up, even if it did mean the death of his innocence. The remaining members of the Inner Circle continue to grow closer together, while the Mutant Underground seems to keep crumbling. I digress.

Let’s talk about Andy and the implications of his actions. Up until now he’s been a fairly typical teenager with understandable ups and downs. He has handled being away from his family much better than I thought he would, though I’m sure having Lorna around has helped that. Andy has trained tirelessly to strengthen and hone his powers so that he can contribute to The Inner Circle’s plans. He is truly blooming into the mutant he is meant to be. While he was bound to personally kill somebody at some point, it’s a bit sad that it had to be Rebecca. I feel like he didn’t know what she was going to do for sure until the elevator doors opened. He tried everything he could to change her mind, and when he couldn’t he stopped her from hurting those he cares for. Rebecca being dead is honestly a positive for everyone at this point. Her instability and power set were a deadly combination that would have leveled all sides. I’m sure her absence will be felt heavily by Andy for the next few episodes, as his grief is sure to be addressed.

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On the other side of the battle,  we had the Struckers protecting the future of all mutant kind. It is quickly revealed that the family’s new ally wasn’t really an ally at all. While Dr. Risman seemed to have good intentions, once Lauren learned her plans for the X gene it was clear she had to be stopped. Thankfully our crew made it out just fine, but time will tell whether or not Reed’s powers are indeed deadly. I hope nothing bad will happen to him but I also know that this show can be unpredictable.