Will & Grace (S10E08) “Anchor Away”

In this episode of Will & Grace the charming Matt Bomer guest stars as an iconic newscaster, McCoy Whitman, who has an affinity for inarticulate men. Since Jack (Sean Hayes) is off the market, now is the time for Will (Eric McCormack) to make his move. The only downside? He has to pretend to be something he’s not. Dumbing down works in his favour, but it’s only a matter of time before it blows up in his face. Spoilers Ahead.

willandgraces10e083 - Will & Grace (S10E08) “Anchor Away”
Lorraine making Grace an offer she can’t refuse. (Photo: Screenshot taken by Author of review)
Like Mother, Like Daughter

While Will is walking in Jack’s proverbial shoes, Grace (Debra Messing) is helping Karen (Megan Mullally) with a predicament of her own. When it comes to light that Stan has photographic evidence of Karen’s affair with Malcolm (Alec Baldwin), this puts her alimony payments in danger. Karen must beat him at his own game, exposing his earlier transgressions. This means a trip to the strippers and a walk down memory lane.

Lorraine (Minnie Driver), appears in all her glory. Trashy and utterly delightful, she convinces Grace to shake her “money maker”, in order to get the evidence they need. Since Lorraine and Stan had an affair years ago, this was their best chance. While a bad back put’s Grace’s set to an end, Karen has her ways, she always does. Even though she and Lorraine have been at constant odds, they have an underlying respect for each other. With a departing lap dance and the slip of the hands, Karen has relinquished her of her cell phone, and the incriminating photos. Another job well done.

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Will, channeling his inner ‘Jack’. (Photo: IMDB)

Meanwhile, Will must convince the doting McCoy that he is just a pretty face and nothing more. Modeling himself after Jack, it makes a convincing cover. It almost works too, but the truth has a way of working its way out. As Jack has posed as the “smarter” friend in the group, he is quickly downgraded when an intellectual question is thrown his way. It was good while it lasted, but McCoy is more toxic and insecure than they first thought.

Admitting that he is an intellectual equal, and defending his best friend, it may have ruined his chances with a night of unforgettable sex, but Will is a better person than that. There is more to life than impressing a famous face. In the end, it’s the friendships and that really give life meaning. That’s why the show keeps us drawn to it, they are loyal to each other and genuinely care in their own ways.

This was the fall finale for Will & Grace, it will return in 2019.