Legacies (S01E06) “Mombie Dearest”

This episode gives new meaning to the phrase “Baby mama drama”. Alaric (Matt Davis) has his hands full with Jo (Jodi Lyn O’Keefe) and a few of the kids must deal with zombies.. yes, zombies. Both M. G. (Quincy Fouse) and Penelope (Lulu Antariksa) make their move. There is a big dance thrown for the twin’s sweet sixteen. 

Alaric And His Not So Dead Love

While on the phone with Caroline, Alaric gets the shock of his life. The love of his life is standing in front of him… and she is supposed to be dead. After the recent events, it’s not surprising that he grabs a bow and arrow. Dorian (Demetrius Bridges) stops him from killing Jo before they find out what she is doing there and why she is alive. Things are bad enough and then Lizzie ( Jenny Boyd) and Josie (Kaylee Bryant) burst in (because a silly locked door won’t stop two witches from entering a room they want to be in) to find “bio mom” with their dad. To say that Jo is just as shocked to find out about them as they are to find her alive, is putting it mildly. 

Bonding Time With  Bio Mom 

Josie (unlike Lizzie) is feeling the family draw and asks Jo to braid her hair for her sweet sixteen bash. They talk about love and head to the dance so Jo can see her girls celebrate, then suddenly Jo just hits the ground. Josie turns to get help and is confronted by a possessed (and unsettling looking) Jo, who buries her in the cemetery as leverage for the knife. 

M. G. The Romantic And Lizzie The Selfish

Penelope gives M. G. a chance to get Lizzie’s attention by making sure Rafael ( Peyton Alex Smith) is late to the dance. M. G. is ready and waiting to step in when Rafael is a no show with a flower for Lizzie and her favorite song playing. They are having a great time and he is making a connection with Lizzie… until Rafael finally shows. He interrupts their slow dance and Lizzie literally drops him like a bad habit. Her continuing selfishness and treatment of both her sister and M. G. are why I didn’t feel bad for her when Rafael tells her that there will be no relationship. 

Friends To The Rescue 

After finding out that Josie is buried in the cemetery, Hope (Danielle Rose Russell) asks M. G. and Penelope for help. This isn’t a simple dig and save mission though. As they start digging, zombies start coming up from the other graves (lots of zombies). I love the Walking Dead reference made when M. G. says, “To kill a walker you have to go for the brain, everybody knows that”. The girls continue to fight the zombies so that M. G. can concentrate on listening for Josie. Turns out that Hope’s birthday present for Josie helps the situation by “making quiet things heard”. Josie is rescued.. now it’s time to deal with Jo. 

Time To Say Goodbye 

Jo asks the twins to siphon her magic (the magic keeping her alive) so that she can’t be used to hurt the people she loves again. This will take her back to where she was before, which as it turns out, was a place of peace and happiness. For me, this was the most emotional scene of the series to date. Alaric is obviously still in love with Jo and the girls don’t want to lose her either. Jo explains that this is the right thing to do and she will be waiting for them. Absolutely heartbreaking.  


While Alaric and Dorian are at Jo’s grave, a creepy zombie looking guy walks up and introduces himself as The Necromancer. Alaric and Dorian are not impressed and their reaction made me laugh. Necromancer guy said that he is responsible for the Jo mess and that he wants the knife. Death supposedly can’t hold him so Alaric hits him with a shovel and says “we’ll see about that”. 

Legacies airs Thursday nights on the The CW at 8pm Central