Liverleaf (2018) Movie Review

Liverleaf  is about a girl by the name Haruka Nozaki who is transfer student from Tokyo to another school in a smaller town because of her father work.

Haruka at the start of the film has no friends pretty much except for one  boy by the name Mitsuru Aiba who she speaks to from time to time. Each day at this school she bullied by Taeko friends in just about every horrible way you can imagine they carve stuff on her disk,put stuff in her locker, and even pushes her in a hole while she walking home from school.

The big problem with all this bullying is the teachers that are in school don’t want to do anything about it mainly because  graduation is like only two weeks away and they just want to get the students though the school year without any hassle.

After seeing the teachers don’t want to help in the matter of Haruka being bullied  her parents want to keep her home in order to keep her safe and so she can make it  graduation faster.

After seeing Haruka is not at school one day Taeko and her friends forces another  student by the name of Rumi to gather information on how long Haruka will be sick for. Rumi is unable to deliver everything Taeko and her friends wanted which turn out bad for her. Rumi is bullied by Taeko and her friends to the point of losing her own  sanity which leads her coming up with the idea that they should burn Haruka house.

One day after having a little fun hanging out with Mitsuru Aiba and learning about his hobbies Haruka returns home with him only to notice her house is burning down.Mitsuru Aiba  quickly runs in to the house to see if he can save in anyone for which turn out only being able to save  her sister.

The next day to everyone shock Haruka returns to school  we’re Taeko friends try to force her to commit  suicide in the hole she was pushed in the beginning of the film but unlucky for them this time around  Haruka has finally had enough and decide to fight back by killing them along with anyone who had a part of hurting her or her family.

The thing I like about Liverleaf is how well the film is shot. At first the film is in a nice summer type environment then when the winter scenes come around and the carnage starts the way they use the blood in the snow has very artistic feel to it.

The kills in Liverleaf are also something to talk about there are scenes that beautifully shot to be tragic while others that are just about laughable for how over the top they are.One of favorite kills in the film remains to the crossbow kill the way the director filmed that scene was incredible.

If I had one big complaint with Liverleaf it how the director choosed to wrap the film. While I understand what the director was trying to do with the ending I sort felt it took away from some of the  realistic aspects of the film. However that not to say I hated the ending but just felt with some added scenes it could have been a little better emotional wise.

Liverleaf is film that some will like and others won’t the film dose have a beautifully good tragic story to it that leave you thinking much after the film wraps.

I give Liverleaf a solid 4 out of 5 stars