MacGyver (S03E10) “Matty + Ethan + Fidelity”

The writers presented us with an emotionally charged episode of MacGyver. Not only was it the Fall Finale, but it proved to be a pivotal one for Matty (Meredith Eaton). There was no preparation for what was ahead for the team, but the reinforcement of family values plays an integral role. Propelling the story-line forward and bringing us an exceptional piece of television. Spoilers Ahead.

Nothing is as it seems

Matty’s life has been a closed book up until this point, so when she enlists the help of the team, the personal nature of the assignment gives them a broader focus. When they learn that Matty’s husband, Ethan (Brendan Hires), could possibly be compromised and in terrible danger, they will do anything to aid their friend. This is one team you want to have on your side in the middle of the crisis, with their individual strengths, they will get the job done.

macgyvers03e103 - MacGyver (S03E10) “Matty + Ethan + Fidelity”
Ethan, in days long past. (Photo: Screenshot by Author of review)

This is the first time that Matty has broken in her resolve to remain strong. She is human after all and has been hiding her pain and worry from the rest of the world. There are some endearing moments between her and MacGyver (Lucas Till) that solidify the strength that the team has together. They genuinely care for each other and would do anything to make things right. Ethan is in good hands, but first, they must intercept Samir (Sendhil Ramamurthy), who could destroy all their chances, and end Ethan’s life for good.

With MacGyver’s know-how and Jack’s (George Eads) take no prisoners attitude, not only are they able to get important information out of Samir, and they are able to confirm that Ethan is in fact, still alive. With all the inner turmoil Matty has been dealing with since Ethan went “dark”, this is what she has been waiting for. Although we can’t help but think the best, in this series we know that we must expect the unexpected. This is no different as we soon find out.

MacGyvers03e101 1024x571 - MacGyver (S03E10) “Matty + Ethan + Fidelity”
Matty and MacGyver facing the hard truths. (Photo: Google)
It’s all about family

The team is able to play on each other’s strengths to find a location for Ethan, hoping to find him before the corrupt S-Company finds out his true allegiance. Since this mission is personal, they all bring their A-game. Nothing can go off without a hitch though, as Ethan gives up his cover to save MacGyver and an innocent woman. Not only does this expose him, but it also exposes his family as well. It’s one hell of a slap in the face, but being so deep undercover, he did what he needed to. Including meeting a woman and having a child with her, the family Matty should’ve had.

Nothing could prepare them for what was to come, but now they had to race against the clock to save Ethan’s family. He had been compromised, and so had they. The lives of innocents will always overshadow any other conflicts that arise, that is how they have always worked. Good thing the team is equipped with badasses, they are able to subdue S-Company and save the lives of Ethan’s family.

macgyvers03e104 - MacGyver (S03E10) “Matty + Ethan + Fidelity”
This is the family Matty has always wanted. (Photo: Screenshot by Author of review)

The ending is bittersweet, and nothing could’ve prepared Matty for their current scenario. This strong and dynamic character was brought down to her knees and thrown through an emotional loop. Her final goodbye to Ethan wasn’t an easy one, but it needed to be done. She finally gets the closure, even if it was heartbreaking. This is when she turns to her real family, the ones who have always been there. I must admit this episode really tore at my heartstrings and the performance from Meredith Eaton was brilliant.

Family really is everything.

This was the Fall Finale for MacGyver. New episodes will return in 2019. What can we expect in the future for the show? Only time will tell us.