Supernatural (S14E08) “Byzantium”

“He’s our kid!”


My laptop was going to have a Death Day. Why? Because of the first 10mins of the episode! That’s why! It was already enough with the flashback scenes but for Jack to die in less than 5mins was a No No for me! I was ready to fling my laptop across the room, say I was done, & go right to sleep! Sadly, I couldn’t do that. I had to see the episode through.

Now, not only do they have to cope with Jack’s death & a hangover from drinking so much. But now they have Lily to deal with. Who has gotten older; I really didn’t recognize her. Sam thought she could translate some of the Angel tablet to make a miracle happen for jack but no. (Glad Sam didn’t make a deal with a demon.) She offered something else. For her to use her magic to bring him back as long as his soul is in the body. What she wants is to be able to get into heaven cause she knows she’s going straight to hell for all the bad she’s done.

Now I’m with Dean on this one, I don’t trust her for nothing! Yet she has her reasons, she wants to get into heaven so badly to see her daughter. No matter what! So while the boys work on prepping to summon Anubis (since God isn’t there to judge each soul) Castiel has to see what the distress call is in heaven. Up in Heaven Jack is there living a happy memory but he notices something is off. He leaves his room to find other rooms, which shows he did get into heaven (which makes me so damn happy) but one problem.

There’s this black goo coming around the corner & looking gross. Maybe you should run. Jack is able to find his mother’s heaven. She doesn’t recognize him at first but then it hits her & then she’s mad. She things Castiel didn’t do his job protecting her son. For if he did, he wouldn’t be in heaven so damn soon! I don’t blame her for being angry, she wanted him to live out his happy life. 

When Castiel arrives he knows something isn’t right when there’s drop dead to the floor angels. Duma tells Cast what happens when she gets conscious & he explains why he’s there in the 1st place. Duma & Cast do figure out where Jack is after dealing with that other angel (i always forget her name cause I can never forgive her) who wanted Cast to sacrifice Jack to the empty. Yes, you heard me right. My favorite Grumpy Sleepy being, the Empty! I know it’s mad cause it didn’t get any sleep after having to travel so far.

Now I will say this much, I never knew the Empty was so strong. It was back handing people left & right like it was nothing! What kind of mess is that?! Makes me wonder how old the Empty is, like was it here before or after Death? Maybe that will get revealed later. Anyways, the only way to stop it is to give up an Angel. And Castiel made that choice for he has to keep that promise to Kelly.

Now let me talk about this briefly, Cast is sacrificing himself, again. But this time it will be in a bad way when he goes & this time it will be legit forever. Now can you guess what person will be hella pissed about this? Dean. An not because of the fandom shipping & all that I just mean Dean is the number one to go off like a firecracker about this. Not just about Cast being dragged away but when he finds out that him & Jack decided not to tell him, Or even Sam. I get why he doesn’t want to say anything but still. This won’t be a pretty farewell, I just hope it’s more pleasent-ish then when Dean was dragged to Hell by Hellhounds. That moment I will never forget. 

In the end, Jack said his end of the spell to stay in his body. He feels better & he’s alive but Lily died. Her sacrifice didn’t go in vain because she got a 2nd judgement for what she did. She got to go to heaven to see her daughter & the gang got there son back plus the location of Micheal.  


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