Van Helsing (S03E10) “Outside World”

Okay guys and gals we had a fantastic episode given to us tonight! And we have quite a lot to talk about, we saw Vanessa in quite the predicament in tonight’s episode but it seems she made a decision in what path she wants to follow in to the end which we will talk all about that in tonight’s review! So lets get to that review!

So in this episode we saw Vanessa (Kelly Overton) struggle with what she recently did after she left Scarlett (Missy Peregrym) on that island! During Vanessa’s travels she came across the mysterious figure; the figure that she also came across when she was a child, the Oracle (Jesse Stanley) explained to Vanessa that she only appears to those who she believes are worthy. But worthy of what exactly? Is it being worthy of releasing the Dark One? Is it being worthy of being a top ranked soldier in the Dark One’s army? So many theories and questions that I’m sure will be answered within the next episodes! But we do know that the Oracle has appeared to Vanessa as a child and adult, to Sam (Christopher Heyerdahl) when he was a child and as a adult vampire, and then to Mohammad, if these are her chosen. Then what role do all of them have to play? We know that the Oracle has pinned Mohammad and Vampire Sam to fight to the death against each other, but will she do the same with Vanessa? After all, all these lives have become intertwined to go up against each other one way or another so it will be interesting to see what happens next!

Now Vanessa does end up finding Vampire Mohammad and the two of them have a little throw down with each other but forces Vanessa to fall through a ceiling and land on a hook! I mean falling from a high point is one thing but falling right on a hook, now that’s painful! I mean that hook went right into her back like nothing and for most of the episode Vanessa stayed on that hook. But the interesting part or at least I thought it was interesting was that Vanessa was hallucinating the whole time but as she was hallucinating each person that appeared depending on wither they were human or vampire was determining what path she would take, would she become seduced by the dark side and become one with the darkness or would she become one with the light and fight against the darkness as she always has done. Well it seemed like at first that she wasn’t having a great time, I mean she hallucinated John (David Cubitt) the one guy that we were actually really glad to have died back in Season 1 because he really was a dick and an asshole and was a crappy leader! She hallucinated human and vampire Julius (Aleks Paunovic) even though we might miss Vampire Julius I think we all love human Julius a lot more. She hallucinated Susan (Hilary Jardine) which makes us miss Susan even more now, knowing that she is gone forever but will always be in Vanessa’s heart.

Vanessa also hallucinated Sam, but the one that made her really decide the absolute path was the hallucination of Dylan (Hannah Cheramy) she gave off the greatest speech and made us all remember how sad we were when we saw her die in Vanessa’s arms. How much we felt for Vanessa for losing Dylan forever; but Dylan reminded Vanessa that it’s Dylan’s light in her heart that gives her the strength that she needs when she needs it the most. And being reminded about that gave Vanessa the strength that she needed even at that moment! It gave Vanessa the ability to be able to not give up on Mohammad. But having to go through all of that, all those hallucinations just to be able to decide which path she wanted to take, it was intense I will admit! It’s almost like having an epiphany!

When Vanessa turned Mohammad back to human, that human with his witty awesomeness and the two of them were walking down that path. I literally thought that it would become the ‘Adventures of Vanessa and Mohammad’ again, I mean I have to admit, I miss having those episodes that were Vanessa and Mohammad on little adventures traveling through the apocalypse together. Even though he totally missed out on meeting Scarlett, but still if Mohammad stays with Vanessa and does the little adventures through the apocalypse again together maybe Mohammad will be able to meet Scarlett down the road one day. It’s a nice thought, but it’s nice that Mohammad still trusts his instincts to always follow Vanessa to make sure she doesn’t need an extra set of hands, lets just hope that Vampire Sam doesn’t catch up to both of their trail and something bad happens. I mean Mohammad, I feel like Mohammad has always been that second chance at helping a child in Vanessa’s eyes and I think that’s why Mohammad has always had a special place in Vanessa’s heart!

We only have 3 episodes left people, anything can happen now! If you want more Van Helsing then you need to raise your voice and tell Syfy to wake up and renew the series! We need another Season, we need Van Helsing to be that apocalyptic series that stops the three season run with Syfy Channel! So raise your voices people!

Next Episode: Van Helsing(S03E11) “Been Away” airs Friday December 14, 2018 at 10/9c on Syfy