Chicago PD (S06E09) “Descent” Fall Finale

The fall finale of Chicago PD was powerful but left us with a shocking ending that no one saw coming. Here’s a recap!

Antonio’s addiction to painkillers becomes a problem. When he not only is at a drug house; but gets caught by his team. But given the team, an excuse that only worked for a while til Voight gets a suspicion on his behavior. Antonio gets caught by Voight when he buys drugs and tells him to get clean. But as Antonio packs things up, he gets a call from the drug dealer’s brother that he had kidnapped his daughter and demands his brother be released. 

The team comes together not only for Antonio’s problem but to find his daughter and hunts down the kidnapper. As they finally found Antonio’s daughter, they go after her kidnapper, who disappeared. Voight goes hard on the suspect’s brother who tells him that he goes to an old factory planet. There Antoion, Voight and Ruzek get there and goes after him. After chasing, they taken the suspect down. Antonio takes a couple of shots on him; but when he talks about how he loved his daughter, Antonio pushes him out the boarded window and landed to his death. It leaves a WTF moment for Ruzek, Voight, and Antonio in this cliffhanger. 

“Descent’ was a powerful and an intense episode that delivers a surprise moment that I never saw coming: not even from Antonio. This was a strongly written episode that really driven the character development of Antonio to a place we’ve never seen before; and yet it was brilliant. I literally can’t wait till Jan. 9th to see what’s going to happen next. Overall, I give this episode a 9/10.

You can catch Chicago PD when they return on Wednesday, Jan. 9 at 10/9c on NBC,