S.W.A.T. (S02E10) “1000 JOULES”

One of our own is down

A seemingly uneventful night turns upside down when the LAPD Crime Lab is hit. A 3 man team broke into the LAPD Crime Lab as posing as waste management. They took out a security guard and a lab technician and another one -Rebecca, a friend of Hicks – is in critical condition. The team stole 69 DNA kits, all of which are an integral part of putting way part of LA’s most dangerous criminals. The Chief of Police and Deputy Chief of Police, Commander Hicks (Patrick St, Esprit), S.W.A.T. Leader Hondo (Shemar Moore) and Deputy DA Wells meet at S.WA.T. HQ. The Chief of Police agrees with Hicks and gives S.W.A.T. carte blanche to find these guys and the DNA kits. 

A key piece of evidence

After rattling through theory after theory of who has the DNA kits, leads soon begin to pan out. Busting the location of a known weapons dealer, they find out that Cory Barker and a team is planning to go after Rebecca. They notify Commander Hicks and he protects her and takes down the gunmen, whilst S.W.A.T. gets Cory. Cory tells them that he’s doing it because he got a call to do the job to get his brother’s DNA kit. After talking to a CI, they found out the ‘The Whale’ has been liquidating his assets. Breaching his house they find out he paid 300k for his DNA kit, also from someone calling themselves Kraft. When Rebecca wakes up she tells them about a shotgun casing she hid in the temperature unit. After lifting a partial of the casing, it blows the case wide open. 


When the partial comes back to John Seeley, the pieces fall into place. After being in and out of prison since 18 for armed robbery, it all began to make sense. Checking in on his computer activity they see that he has spent hours doing recon on the LAPD Crime Lab, taking virtual tours to get to know the place like the back of his hand. He got his Kraft nickname from the reporter who did the article on the crime lab – Justin D Kraft. With plainclothes detectives surveilling him, they report back to S.W.A.T. He’s doing an exchange with Nicholas Kerostena for his DNA kit. The detectives and S.W.A.T. ambush the meeting and after a car chase they get all the DNA kits back.

A time for giving

After having some money problems, Deacon (Jay Harrington) has been taking odd jobs everywhere to cover costs. With the pipes burst in his roof, they’re waiting on the cheque from the insurance to arrive. But when the cheque on covers part of the cost, things become a lot tougher. After being denied a loan and exhausted all options, he didn’t know what else to do. Luca’s (Kenny Johnson) been seeing this and that he’s been struggling lately, he decides to help. At the toy drive, Luca gifts Deacon the balance of what he needs to fix the pipes and the roof. A somewhat Christmas miracle for Deacon and his family.

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed this week’s episode of S.W.A.T. Unfortunately this is the winter finale. I’ll catch you guys again when S.W.A.T. returns.