The Flash (S05E09) “Elseworlds Part 1”

Okay guys and gals this was the beginning of the crossover and it was a phenomenal beginning! So lets get to the review!

Okay so in the beginning of the crossover we got a bit of a closer look at the Earth-90 heroes who died which is still an interesting scene to see especially for the episode to start with. So on Earth-90 we saw that Nora Allen’s/XS (Jessica Parker Kennedy) leg was spotted, Kara/Supergirl (Melissa Benoist), The Ray’s helmet, Hawkgirl’s helmet, Smallville’s Green Arrow, Nate/Steel (Nick Zano), Snart/Captain Cold, and more heroes, with Earth 90’s Flash (John Wesley Shipp) being the only one who lives and escapes! We then saw The Monitor (LaMonica Garrett) give the book of the universe to a Arkham doctor by the name of John Deegan (Jeremy Daives).

So for those that know comics, Dr. John Deegan should ring a bell, John Deegan also known as Doctor Destiny has been an evil genius for a very long time. Doctor Destiny was first put into the comics of Justice League of America back in 1961 where he faced off against the Justice League and turned the heroes against one and the other at one point to where the heroes almost killed each other even if it was in a dream world it was still freaky. Doctor Destiny ever since his first appearance had a huge amount of story arcs in the comics, however when DC Comics tried rewriting the comics known as New 52 comics, Doctor Destiny had a very small part in the Justice League Dark comics where Constantine recognizes the Dream stone that Argus has possession of and time travels back to the 1500’s to find more information. After that short appearance Doctor Destiny didn’t have that much of a story in the New 52 comics after that, Doctor Destiny has not made it back into the comics of the Rebirth series yet but not saying he wont. 

In this first part I have to admit it had a lot of humor especially with Oliver (Stephen Amell) and Barry (Grant Gustin) swapping bodies or souls or something like that and having them try being each other. Especially with Oliver trying out Barry’s speed powers at first and couldn’t get the hang of things at first. But Barry was able to get the hang of Oliver’s abilities with the bow and arrow really easy! But how much will this affect their psyche after they have found the way to switch them back? After all Barry is getting the hang of the Green Arrow thing really fast! And Oliver is still getting the hang of Barry’s speed but it’s important that these two don’t get attached to the abilities you know. 

The first part of the crossover got an understanding of what The Monitor may be planning for our heroes of Earth-1, but I think we will get an even more understanding as the crossover continues on Arrow tomorrow. We saw that our heroes Kara/Supergirl, Clark/Superman (Tyler Hoechlin), Barry/Elseworlds Green Arrow, and Oliver/Elseworlds Flash go up against Ivo companies tech nicknamed as Amazo! With the heroes working together they were able to stop and defeat the Amazo bot and save the day today! But now our heroes will be needing more help in order to continue onto their quest, in the form of a bat, okay not a bat but a woman, for those of you who could guess it’s Batwoman (Ruby Rose)! 

Okay so first off, I want to say that seeing Elizabeth Tulloch’s version of Lois Lane play out in this first part of the crossover and I actually liked it. Throughout the years Lois Lane has been played by many actresses and with the many performances, each one has brought a different personality towards the representation of Lois. In this version we see the side of Lois that is reporter but also supporter and lover to Clark Kent/Superman. We saw a little bit of her feisty side and I think Barry and Lois and Clark would all become as great friends as Barry and Kara have become. But that’s just a feeling that I have though. I guess we will see soon enough!

As for the music by Blake Neely, I truly loved it; every score that Blake Neely creates is always a joy to listen to because every now and then you will get a new piece of music that just sends goosebumps throughout your body! Just like how it did in tonight’s episode with a lot of the scenes, but one scene in particular when the scene revealed our Batwoman and we got a taste of Batwoman’s theme for the series which was a joy to hear! I can’t wait to hear more of Neely’s creation of the music for Gotham’s heroes and villains! 

See you all tomorrow night for Arrow’s part of the crossover! As for The Flash the series goes on a holiday leave and wont be back until 2019!

Next Episode: The Flash(S05E10) no title has been revealed yet! airs Tuesday January 15, 2019 at 8/7c on The CW