Bull (S03E10) “A Higher Law”

It’s a hit and run. Father Andy is the driver…or not! Its a case of “judge ye not by appearances” as a very bizarre yet fascinating case unravels, regarding confessions for the soul and the law of man. Here’s what happened:

 Morgan (Gabby Cocco) is jogging with her sister, Chole. (Holly Taylor) They stop for a breather. While catching her breath, Morgan is run over. The van turns around and speeds away.

 A very short time later, the van is stopped in what looks like a return to the scene of the crime.  Father Andy (William Sadler) is driving and he’s been drinking.  His blood alcohol .09.  He’s arrested.  He’s legally drunk and Morgan is dead.  

The charge is manslaughter. Father Andy faces 15-20 years. However, he wasn’t driving, when  the accident occurred. He was returning to the site to check on the girls. So who was driving?! Father Andy won’t say.  It’s complicated.

Ya’see the driver of  the van, returned to church, shaking and scared. Father Andy was outside, they talked and in an informal session, he confessed.  

Equally concerned for the joggers, Father Andy attempted to return to the crash site. Here is where he was busted. Bound by the confidentity of confessions, the Father won’t budge.

Bull, although frusrated (he likes to win) takes the case, as a favor to Benny and perhaps he is moved by a “Higher Law”

It was a sensitive case and well done. Considering, how often priest and the Catholic church are in the news,  this challenge was welcomed!

It is a  very different “who done it” Yet through a process of simple eliminations,  the skilled ladies at TAC. “solved the case”  And now that I think about it, the police could have figured this one out!

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