Legends of Tomorrow (S04E08) “Legends of To-Meow-Meow”

Meow, Meow, guys and gals we had a Cat-tastrophe in the midst of the Legends in tonight’s episode! It sure was pur-fect! Lets get to this meowing review! Okay I’m done with the cat puns…or am I?

So in this episode we got an idea of what the timeline would be if John Constantine (Matt Ryan) messed up the timeline. I think we should call this Constantine-point, get it, its like Flashpoint but more messed up! This whole episode was ways in how Constantine can change the timeline back! I know what you are thinking, didn’t anyone learn after Barry (Grant Gustin) did his messed up version? But Constantine always needs to experience it for himself before he admits that everyone was right that the timeline should not be messed with. 

I think the most messed up part of this episode was how Zari (Tala Ashe) was turned into a cat and literally was a grumpy cat. When I heard that grumpy cat was going to be on the show in a way I didn’t think they meant Zari being turned into a cat that was grumpy. But it was still funny to see Zari as a cat and when she was turned back to human for a split second she had a hair ball to cough up! But still it was funny! 

When Constantine and Charlie (Maisie Richardson-Sellers) fix the timeline first time around to save Sara (Caity Lotz) they killed more of the Legends to turn the team into Charlie’s Angels. I just have to say that version was weird too, especially since Gideon (Amy Pemberton) was human at that part of the episode. Like I’m just so used to seeing her as an A.I. that it’s weird seeing her as a person! But at least that version of the timeline didin’t last too long until it was changed again!

The third time it was changed was Muppet land, seriously all the Legends were Muppets and it was hilarious! Constantine sees all the legends as Muppet’s and I couldn’t help but to laugh especially with them singing magical tunes. Only to find out Heatwave (Dominic Purcell) was the cause of them being turned into Muppet’s because of the fairy godmother. Now that was a twist I didn’t see coming, fairy godmother being fairy cold-mother!

Even though all these timelines were messed up and a little disturbing, it was a really good episode and they explained how they got away from the Elseworlds crossover, by having Gideon say to Nate (Nick Zano) if they had any missed calls that they had one missed call from Barry, one missed call from Oliver (Stephen Amell) and one missed call from Kara (Melissa Benoist) and Ray (Brandon Routh) saying “that’s the sounds like the annual crossover” so at least they explained that pretty simple in this episode! But it also makes you wonder, with everything that was going on when did Oliver/Elseworlds Flash have the time to try to call the legends? Or even when did Barry/Elseworlds Green Arrow have the time to try to call the Legends? I can see how Kara had the time because Barry and Oliver had that moment when they were fighting and making up that Kara could’ve easily had the time to call them. But I’m over thinking it!

Constantine did fix the timeline and we did find out that it is the demon that possessed Desmond (Christian Keyes) all those years ago is the one that is after John now and has Nate’s dad Henry (Thomas F. Wilson) working for him with the project known as Hades which makes you still wonder, why did they name the project Hades? I guess we will find out when the series returns later on in 2019!

Next Episode: Legends of Tomorrow(S04E09) “Lucha de Apuestas” airs April 2019 at 9/8c on The CW