Midnight, Texas (S02E0) “No More Mr. Nice Kai”

So, the title of the episode is “No More Mr. Nice Kai,” which is interesting as I don’t think anyone really believes he was ever Mr. Nice Kai.  Certainly not Manny, though he might be just a wee bit biased, seeing as how he’s shtupping Patience.

But they are fully clothed when the episode starts, as they seem to be disagreeing about how dangerous Kai’s supply of glowing blue monster gunk is.  And then Creek walks in.  Awkward!

It seems Creek returned because of a pleading voicemail message from Manny.  Which he says he never left.

A box has arrived for Fiji from Celeste.  It’s what she needs for a ritual she needs to do to dedicate herself to the Children of Theophilus.  This is how she’ll keep Bobo safe and in his extremely fine human form, by embracing dark magic, according to Celeste. Between Fiji’s gullibility and Patience’s, I’m depressed at the generally low intelligence of the women of Midnight.  Except Olivia, of course.

Speaking of which, Olivia and Lem are happy to see Creek, as Lem chows down on a monte cristo sandwich.  He’s also ordering a lot of pizza.  Manny thinks that Kai is gradually disarming the supernatural folk, but Lem points out that he went to him voluntarily, as did Rev.  Olivia agrees with Manny.  She’s never trusted either Kai or Patience.  They decide to put him to the test.

Joe finally confesses to Chuy that he has started demon hunting again.  Chuy, who is part demon, says he’s proud of him.  That’s some next level self loathing, right there.

Kai confronts Patience about sleeping with Manny, which she denies.  He plays her a voicemail message with Patience telling Manny how much she missed him and his smell. Which she says she never left.  The plot thickens.

Joe may have confessed about his demon hunting, but he failed to mention Walker, his hot demon hunting partner.

Fiji starts doing her dedication ritual, which involves her eyes turning black and cutting her chest open and pulling out a bloody chrysalis, which promptly opens and reveals a beautiful blue butterfly.  When it’s done, Fiji has a white streak in her hair and she’s majorly horny.  I’m not sure the ritual was quite so much of a turn on for Bobo, but she doesn’t give him a lot of options in that department.

Speaking of which, Joe and Walker are also getting busy in Walker’s truck.  And it looks like Manny and Creek are moving in that direction, except Patience arrives.  It’s especially concerning that Creek was brought back to Midnight by…whatever.  But when they try to leave, they can’t.  Like Rome, every road leads straight to Midnight, no matter which direction they drive.  The plot continues to thicken, and is kind of hot fudge sauce at this point.  Olivia’s phone suddenly stops working and the lights go out.  Okay, now the plot is kind of kind of like cement.  Did I mention the pizza delivery boy is trapped in the house with them?  And that Kai has told Lem that returning his powers is impossible?

Power is also out at Chez Magie Noir, the power is also out.  Everyone gathers in the street to compare notes.  The best they come up with is that someone is messing with them.  Only dark witch Fiji can see that the pizza delivery boy is something more.  He’s a Demi-god, named Basil, of the trickster species.  Basically, he likes messing with people.  And he admits all this to Fiji. Cause he knows she won’t tell the others.  Because he knows she stopped caring about them, right around the time the butterfly flew off her bloody hand.  And the smile on her face tells him he’s right.  At this point the plot is so thick , my trusty Kitchenaid stand mixer wouldn’t be able to mix it.

Okay, now he’s messing with Chuy, who has already been messed around with enough in this episode and who deserves none of this.

The jukebox of Patsy Cline and monster juice is missing.  But Olivia pulls a knife on Patience and informs her that Lem WILL be made a vampire again, and it’s non negotiable.  Guess what?  He’s a vampire again.

Creek goes looking for Manfred in Kai’s office, but she only finds Kai.  Uh oh.

Walker, Chuy, and Joe have a super awkward confrontation in the street.  Walker has no idea that Joe’s husband was a demon, and Chuy had no idea that Joe’s hunting partner was smokin’ hot.

And continuing in the theme of relationship drama, Fiji burns Bobo when he grabs her wrist.  Yeah, the dark witch thing has pretty much taken over.

As has Chuy’s demon half.  (Actually, he looks like The Thing and one of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles had a son.)  Things are seriously falling apart, and clearly Basil is enjoying every minute.  Including the resort business, I suspect.  Basil gave them all some snarky feedback on the state of their lives.  (Olivia and Lem are relationship goals.  The others?  Not so much.). Especially for Manfred and Creek, as Creek’s car was spotted leaving Midnight.  Only Creek wasn’t in it.  Her ghost visits Manfred, and she tells him she loves him before being consumed by some kind of fire.  Something tells me she’s not with Xylda drinking rosé and playing cards.  Aww, I really didn’t want things to end like that.

Other things:

– Theophilus was an anonymous Christian, probably a Roman and quite possibly a person of some rank.  Luke dedicated his Gospel and the Acts of the Apostles to him.

– So, was Patience supposed to have accidentally dialed Kai instead of Manny?  Why was there a message from her on his phone?

– So, did Basil actually cause the conflicts, or was he just a catalyst for what was brewing all along?


“It’s a ritual in a box!”

“Monte cristo! It’s lunch, and dessert!”

“Emotional suffering is my jam!”