The Goldbergs (S06E09) “Bachelor Party”

The Goldbergs (S06E09) “Bachelor Party”

Inspired by Lainey’s bachelorette party, Barry wants his best man to throw him a bachelor party. To everybody’s surprise, he picks out Adam to be his best man in a very emotional moment between the two brothers and Beverly. To make sure they know what kind of bachelor party to throw,Adam and David Kimberley (yes, that is Barry’s name for Dave Kim)watch the movie Bachelor Party. But since Adam is the least mature person on the planet (his words, not mine), he can’t throw a grownup party. When Barry hears Adam’s idea, he fires his little brother as best man and hires the JTP instead. But the JTP comes up with the same plans as Adam, and only use fancier adjectives. Barry rehires Adam as best man who in his turn enlists Uncle Marvin to organize the party. They plan to go to a nightclub, but that doesn’t turn out well. Barry doesn’t like it at all and thinks he’s not mature enough to get married. But Adam tells him he is grownup enough to get married to Lainey and cheers him up by throwing him the bachelor party he had planned in the first place.

Meanwhile, Beverly wants Murray to buy a new car after a very embarrassing moment at the kids’ school. Murray can’t be convinced to buy a new car, until he gets to John Calabasas’ car lot and sees the Bitter, an Austrian car that looks like a Ferrari. But even then Murray still just wants to repair his old car. As a surprise Bev buys him the Bitter. Murray doesn’t appreciate it and wants to take the car back.But on his way to the car lot he gets so many compliments, that he feels special for the first time ever. But when he finally decides to keep it, the Bitter breaks down because John Calabasas is still the con man he’s always been… Murray can’t get the car repaired because it’s so rare there aren’t any parts available. He blames Beverly forgetting him the car, but after a speech from Bill Lewis, Murray sees how good he has it: he doesn’t need nice things because he already has the nicest thing in the world with Beverly.

This episode was a bit of a step down compared to “The Living Room: A 100% True Story” (which is my favorite season 6 episode so far),but I still enjoyed it. I especially liked the storyline between Beverly and Murray. We don’t get a lot of stories about just the two of them which makes an episode like this even sweeter. I loved it that we got to see a happy Murray who felt special for the first time in his life. Like I’ve mentioned before, he does seem to be growing this season, more than in earlier seasons and I like that kind of character development.

The other story was fun too, although it didn’t work for me as well as the plot between Bev and Murray did. The scenes I really enjoyed were the brotherly moments between Adam and Barry, they were both sweet and funny. Just FYI, I’d be totally fine with Adam’s ideas for the bachelor party, a mini horse always sounds fun (RIP Li’l Sebastian).It was also nice to see Uncle Marv back (he will return for the show’s Christmas episode as well!), and of course the JTP!

So,this episode had plenty of heart as usual, but it felt like we didn’t get as much hilarious and just plain weird scenes like we usually get with The Goldbergs. It still had enough funny lines and scenes to make it a very enjoyable episode and the ending to both storylines made it really good.

Tune in to The Goldbergs last episode of 2018 on Wednesday December 12th, 8/7c on ABC before they go on their Christmas break!