Black Lightning(S02E09) “The Book of Rebellion: Chapter Two: Gift of the Magi”

Again everyone I do apologize for not getting this review in last night, but at least I am able to get it to you all today! It was another great episode I think we all have learned that Cutter (Kearran Giovanni) is a force to not be reckon with but we will get to that in a little bit! Lets get to the review!

Okay so we started where we left off last week, Jennifer (China McClain) and Khalil (Jordan Calloway) are on the run from Cutter, who is after them. More like only after Khalil, by orders of Tobias (Marvin Jones III) but was ordered to bring him in alive, not dead. But I guess Cutter must’ve forgotten about that because Khalil got the poison from Cutter’s blades. With Khalil really sick, Jennifer goes out to help Khalil anyway she can! She stole, antibiotics to try to help Khalil but it didn’t work. 

Jennifer finally got Cutter tied up and talking after infecting Cutter with her own poison; they say young love can conquer anything and in this situation it seriously can. After giving Khalil the antidote, Jennifer chose to be the better person and give Cutter the antidote as well. But it didn’t stop Cutter to continue on their trail!

Jefferson/Black Lightning (Cress Williams), Anissa/Thunder (Nafessa Williams), and Gambi (James Remar) continue the search for Jennifer, in hopes that they don’t have to give Lynn (Christine Adams) the bad news or have to give her bad news if they ever do find Jennifer in bad condition. For those who know what Lynn is going through, you have to admit, what she did in this episode to find Khalil’s father Kito (Kendrick Cross) and to confront him to find out answers is literally a huge improvement! It beats weeping in a house all day like how most mother’s and family members would do in a situation such as this. But it’s sad when a mother things that her child is dead, but when no good news comes thats exactly what they start thinking. 

Now we got a new assassin introduced into the last moments of this episode, but the question is who is he? I have a feeling that he might end up being the villain Bolt, but it’s also unclear, I mean out of all the villains that can teleport, Bolt seems like the most logical choice! If it is Bolt, then that will be another Golden Age/Silver Age comic villain that they will bring into the DC TV Universe. I hope it is, but I guess we will be finding out when the series returns in January! If you all have speculations in who this mysterious assassin is, leave them in the comments!

Now that Jennifer and fully revived Khalil are on the run again and now really getting out of Freeland; where will they go? What city will they travel to? Will they travel to Opal City? Central City? Gotham City? Keystone City? Smallville? National City? Detroit? Seattle? The guesses are endless, but it looks like we will be finding that out when the series returns after their Christmas break!

And what is Tobias, planning with Todd Green (RJ Cyler)?

Next Episode: Black Lightning(S02E10) Untitled airs Monday January 21, 2019 at 9/8c on The CW