Outlander (S04E06) “Blood Of My Blood”

Lord John Gray returns this episode with Willie in tow in “Blood Of My Blood”.

Directing for the second time on Outlander this season is Denise Di Novi. Paired with writing from Shaina Fewell, they pull this episode together with such beauty, it’s bound to be a favorite for many fans. Before we have time to get settled in our couch cushions we’re gifted with the return of yet another friendly face. Portrayed with excellence by David Berry, Lord John Gray makes a surprise visit to Fraser’s Ridge. Last we saw his handsome face, Jamie’s son was a wee lad of just six years.

Dinner at the Fraziers

After Claire (Caitriona Balfe) teaches that same wee lad (Oliver Finnegan) the benefits of Leeches (whilst pulling them off his legs) they head back to the house for an unexpectedly diverse dinner party. Guests Murtagh (Duncan Lacroix) and Lord John Gray are at opposite ends of the political spectrum and barely make it through dinner without poking each other’s proverbial bear. Tensions are still high for the two men, but their respect for Jamie prevails and their differences kept at bay, for the moment at least.

LJGJamie - Outlander (S04E06) "Blood Of My Blood"

Lord John Gray & Claire

The dialogue between these two is my favorite thing about this episode. Writers Shaina Fewell and Ronald D. Moore give us so much emotion in so little time and wording that my heart is jumping out to both parties on screen. I cannot discount the stellar performances by both Caitriona Balfe and David Berry as the delivery of said lines are nothing short of perfection. LJG goes so far as to tell Claire “You are a rather remarkable person… devastatingly straightforward.” They are simultaneously at odds and full of respect for one another. As Claire nurses him back to health, they navigate their own truths while overcoming their differences.

jamiewilly - Outlander (S04E06) "Blood Of My Blood"

Willie & Jamie

I’m curious as to why any local Indian would go against Bear Killer after “Common Ground,” but these fellows seemed to be a different hunting party than those we’ve met before. Perhaps their commonality only stretches so far as the land boundaries. Whatever the reason, Willie is in trouble for hunting past the boundary. Jamie attempts to take his place for punishment, telling them that he’s the lad’s father. William, in a show of bravery similar to that of his biological father, so impreses the Cherokee by fessing up to his sins, that both are let go. Once more, the friendship between the two is solidified as they head back home in full health.

CherokeeAjuawak Kapashesit - Outlander (S04E06) "Blood Of My Blood"


As per usual, resident Outlander designers Terry Dresbach and Nina Ayres nail it again with their imagining of pioneer attire. Lord John Gray returns with the same mix of style that combines both styles from whence they came, and that which is needed in the wilderness of the new world:



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Brianna follows in her mother’s footsteps and travels through the stones back in time to 18th century Scotland where she struggles to make her way to the Colonies to find her parents, Jamie and Claire. Meanwhile, Roger follows Brianna into the past and embarks on a harrowing sea journey.