Van Helsing(S03E11) “Been Away”

Alright guys and gals we had another great episode brought to us tonight! We had blood, we had gore, we had tears, we had new faces all and more will be discussed in our review, so lets get to that review!

So we really haven’t dived that much into Axel’s (Jonathan Scarfe) past, it’s always been a mystery. And it’s one thing that we all have been wanting to know more about, especially since Axel has become a major fan favorite character. The only amount of information we ever got from Axel about his past is back in Season 2 when he told Scarlett (Missy Peregrym) about him having a sister and she went missing when they were kids. Other than that, Axel has been a guy whose always been the one to look forward and never really back. He’s been the guy who follows orders, but now gives them. And he’s always been the one to always look after everyone no matter how little of a part they had to play.

Tonight we saw Axel return to the past, or more like his hometown, but it wasn’t exactly the welcome home he was expecting to come home to. Especially now that it’s the vampire apocalypse and there really is no way of saying “welcome home hero” you know. As Axel was back he went down a little bit of memory lane, especially when he saw the newspaper article about his sister Polly disappearing. When Axel went to the old swings, where he left his sister at all those years ago he still had the baseball that he left there with Polly at the exact same spot with a bench with Polly’s name on it, placed there in her memory.

It’s still sad that Axel never knew what had happened to his poor little sister, the one who he was suppose to watch and protect at all times. But all of that changes when Axel meets a new group of survivors who turn out to be locals from the hometown. Axel reunites with his old boss Lorne (Fred Keating) who seems like a nice enough old guy whose starting to suffer from Alzheimer disease, you can tell because of the way how he started slipping with his memory in this episode. But somethings can never be forgotten! Axel also met Carter (Sara Canning) who seems like a hard ass, but also has a little bit of that Vanessa and Axel personality put into one body which is a terrifying thing to even visualize. Axel met in the group a woman named Kelly (Chelsey Reist) who seems nice enough, but also the kind of woman that knows how to survive but can be vulnerable at the same time, on second thought, the way how I described her makes her sound like Susan at least a little bit.

We also saw Vampire Sam (Christopher Heyerdahl) try tracking down Mohammad (Trezzo Mahoro) but instead had other ideas in mind. Because Sam couldn’t track down Mohammad, whose busy with going on an adventure with Vanessa (Kelly Overton) at the time. Sam thought it would be better if he punished those who are feeling love during these dark times. Sam’s latest victims of breaking love of were Mike (Phil Burke) and Chad (Donny Lucas). Which was horrible, I mean I understand that Sam is hurting because he killed Felix, when the Oracle (Jesse Stanley) really meant kill Mohammad because that’s the one that Sam has always loved. But instead Sam just went out and chose to kill people who are feeling loved because he had to do something with his time. Sam went and ripped the heart out of Mike, so now Chad will be left to be feeling the same way of how Sam is feeling. Oracle puts Sam back on the trail to hunt down Mohammad. Now the ‘Adventures of Vanessa and Mohammad’ will have to be interrupted by creepy stalking Sam. Even though Christopher Heyerdahl gives Sam a creepy vibe, he gives off phenomenal performances in anything that he does. He definitely has made Vampire Sam a formidable foe to the series.

Even though Axel was new to the group that he saved, no one would have expected that poor Kelly would be have become a victim to the vampire apocalypse and then be put down by Axel with a gun shot to the head. May that kind woman rest in peace; but the worst stab to the heart is when Carter revealed to Axel that she’s really his long lost sister Polly. To have been kept in that basement for all those years, and have Lorne do god knows what to her for all those years. It’s no wonder that after she died in Axel’s arms that Axel went after Lorne and did what he did to the old guy. At least Axel was able to finally give his sister a proper burial!

With now only two episodes left, anything can happen! Death, destruction, chaos even, who knows what will happen with only two episodes left! And don’t forget to keep having your voices heard to Syfy that we want more seasons. Continue to tell them that you want Van Helsing renewed for another season.

Next Episode: Van Helsing(S03E12) “Christ Pose” airs Friday December 21, 2018 at 10/9c on Syfy