Midnight, Texas (S02E07) “Resting Witch Face”

Poor Creek!  Poor Manfred!  That was a really crappy ending to their romance.

This is the penultimate episode, so you know things are going to really start happening.  This episode picked up right where last week’s left off.  Manfred, still crying, heads for the resort, yelling for Kai, and they get into a fight, with Kai attempting to forcibly take Manny’s power.

Lem, who foils the attempt, is giving the eulogy at Creek’s memorial service.  As a vampire, he’s probably been to a lot of funerals in his long life, and his natural gravitas and his deep voice lend themselves to the eloquent speech.  Everyone is deeply saddened by her loss.

At the post memorial drinkfest, we learn that Joe has been gone for quite some time looking for Chuy.  Who has been killing his way around Texas.  Joe comes across a town with dead and dying bodies and body parts scattered around like confetti.  He reads one of the dying men’s thoughts and sees Chuy.

Patience visits Manny to apologize, insist that Kai couldn’t have committed the murder, and gives Manny a amulet to wear that will prevent Kai from being able to take his powers against his will.  Something tells me that amulet may turn out to be important later in the episode.  It’s Chekov’s amulet.

Fiji is in a robe getting ready to go to bed.  She has been quiet and Bobo is worried about her, but she says she just is sad and finding it hard to be the positive one in their group.  Bobo gets frisky, but Fiji makes him sleepy.  Once he’s snoring on the bed, she wastes no time in leaving and going to the bar, where she puts music on the jukebox (what is it with jukeboxes in this town? And throws off her robe, under which she’s wearing a sexy dress and heels.

Manny, Olivia, and Lem have joined forces to figure out what the deal is with Kai and his skull.  They’re going through Joe’s books.  He finds a book called the Thesaurus Syriacus, which is the language of the writing on the skull.  Not that they know what it means, so I’m not sure that helps a lot.

Kai and Patience are arguing, and Kai tells her he knows she slept with Manny.  She asks for his forgiveness and he says she needs to pick a side.  Hmm.

Joe runs into Walker, who is also hunting Chuy, though for different reasons and with different results in mind.

The Three Investigators has managed to translate the writing.  ‘An army of seventy times seven beasts free thee’ is what it means.  So it takes 490 beasts, or perhaps not the whole beast, but just the essence.  The monster juice that Kai is collecting.  So he needs the juice of 490 monsters to free the skull thingy.

Over to the Jukebox of Monster Juice, where it looks like Kai is only two vials short of the 490 he needs.  Not good.

Back to the Three Investigators.  Manny has a gypsy woman’s eyeball in a jar, won by Xylda in a bet.  It seems she was kind of a curse expert.  He summons her

At the bar, Fiji has made it known that supernaturals drink for free.  Well now, I guess we know  who is supplying Kai with monsters to drain.

The gypsy woman, named Kiva Goldwater, sees the photo of the skull and is horrified.  It seems he was one of a pair of twins who were incredibly evil and powerful practitioners of dark magic.  If the skull was ever brought back to life and the twins were reunited, their power would be incredible.  The skull twin?  Named Theophilus.  Uh oh.

Bobo enters the bar and finds Fiji, who makes it clear she’s a dark witch, likes it that way, has no interest in being saved by Bobo, and he can run along she doesn’t need or want him anymore kthnxbai.  Bobo finds the Three Investigators and tells them about Fiji and her dark magic and having dedicated herself to someone called Theophilus.  Ding, ding, ding!  We have a winner!  Kai is Fiji’s evil ancestor, cause of the curse.  They need a witch for this, they need good Fiji.  Somehow.

They go to Fiji’s house, which has been redecorated by evil Fiji.  There are jars with their names on them, each with a sample of blood or hair or something along those lines.  Lem finds Creek’s keys with blood in them.

Meanwhile, Fiji is getting busy with two young vampires.  She blindfolds them, Nd just when they think things are going to get really interesting, she brands them magically with her necklace.  Kai comes in and drains their vampi-ness.  So those are the last two vials, right there.

Fiji gets a text from Bobo.  It’s not exactly a love note. It’s a photo of all her bad witch junk in a pile and burning.  Fiji is not happy.  When she sees Bobo, she goes after him, but he’s protected from her spell by black salt, which can stop even the most powerful dark magic.  (Can you get this stuff at Williams-Sonoma?)  Lem arrives and…does something.  Involving iron, which is witch kryptonite, according to Manny.  She’s secured to a table with it, and Olivia goes so far as to drive something like an iron railroad tie through her hand into the table.  She’s not happy that Fiji killed Creek, even though Fiji just said she covered the murder up and burned her bones.  Oh, and Manny?  You’ll never find love.  Because dark magic needs a sacrifice, and it seems the intended sacrifice is Manny’s recent fling Patience.

I’ve skipped over the Joe/Chuy/Walker Thing a bit.  To catch you up, Joe has Walkerin handcuffs as they search for Chuy.  And they find him.  Chuy is still in demon form, and Joe tries to talk to him, without a lot of success.  But Walker can’t kill Chuy, because Je loves Chuy and Walker loves Joe.  Okay, I kind of get that.  But when Chuy goes to kill Walker, Joe blocks him and kills him.  Chuy, that is. Aww man!  I loved those two!  They bury him, and then Joe tells Walker he never wants to see him again.  Joe then cuts off his wings.

Lem goes to get Patience and Manny confronts Kai, who denies killing Creek.  He also says the skull isn’t his twin and he’s not Theophilus.  The skull’s real twin?  Yeah, it’s Patience.  (Manny, you may want to get rid of that amulet.)  He’s trying to help Patience, who he believes is a good witch unfairly cursed along with her brother.  Also, why is Manny wearing that amulet?  Doesn’t he know that the amulet was to bind Theophilus to a new host?  (Did I call it or what?)

Patience, brought to safety by an unsuspecting Lem, frees Fiji.  And they face our heroes, who look somewhat confused.

Other Things:

– If the episode picke up right where last week left off, how can Joe have been gone for weeks?

– Why don’t protective amulets work?  I mean, this is a world where magic is real, right?

– If Kai didn’t succeed in taking Manny’s power, then whose monster juice went into the vial?


“My husband wouldn’t kill a tick to stop it from biting him.”

“I’m a Gypsy.  Protective amulets don’t really work.”

“Just a detailed description of how to turn semen into hot sauce.”