Supernatural (S14E09) “The Spear”

“Give me the Spear or just kill me.”

Apologies for the delay on my review, I’m still under the weather. But at least this is the winter break episode. So don’t forget to put in your calendars, JANUARY 17TH! The hunt is on! Now on to my review.
Other Michael is such a crafty character, I swear. It’s like one minute your feeling good that you have something that can stump him. And then the next, where he already knew. Knew where you would go, what you would possibly aim for as a weapon choice, & have a plan to get back into his old vessel. Yes, he’s taken over Dean again. 
Not only was he able to take over Dean again, beat the crap out if the gang, but also get his hands on the weapon that could hurt him. An just snap it like a twig, like it was nothing! I wasn’t expecting him to break it so easily! This is truly an archangel you don’t want to play chess with. He’ll always win. 
Now I know there are a lot of negatives to this episode but there were some positives. The over protective dad’s got Jack back, they had a plan & felt 100% good about it for once, had bonding moments with Jack, & once they got the Spear they walked in there like they owned the place! There spirits were high because they got there son back & the spear! 
Now what went wrong we’re all what I mentioned as the negatives. Plus Garth got involved & he can’t control himself because of the blood + grace he drunk out of fear. He can’t die! He has a daughter! (I would like to see her in an episode one day.) But I hope they find a way to help him before anything escalates.
As for a funny few moments. It would be the cereal binding moment between Castiel & Jack. Katch feeling good that he helped but sent the weapon they needed by mail. And wouldn’t be there til the day after. Then there was Dean spinning the spear like a kid trying not to hit themselves in the face. Now that was funny.
Overall, the was a good episode. But the preview for the next episode has me scared. Them being in Dean’s head with Other Michael, that’s not a good mix at all. We’ll see you all next month my creatures of the night~