Superstore (S04E08/09) “Managers’ Conference”/”Shadowing Glenn” Fall Finale

“Managers’ Conference”

When Glenn gives up two tickets to a Cloud 9 managing conference, Amy and Jonah take it after learning that it’s an all paid trip with the works. As they get there, it was hard to get in but Jeff gets them in by sneaking them in with other IDs. As they try to leave, Amy learns that the managers get free stuff and decides to take advantage on it.

Jonah tells Amy that she should go for a manager position and after meeting a couple of managers that don’t think their workers should get high wages and all. After that maybe she should go for a managing position.

Garrett and Dina fight over who can wrap gifts for their costumers the best. As soon as they did the perfect wrapping on a gift they were done.

Glenn asked Mateo for his social security number as it showed in the records that it belongs to someone else. This worried Mateo to the point that this could be the last we see him. But when Glenn asked again Mateo gave him another set of numbers and when Glenn checked it out, it turned out to be alright.

“Managers’ Conference” was a hilarious episode that felt like a fall finale. This episode should have ended up being the fall finale with the Christmas moment of Glenn helping Mateo. From Garrett and Dina to Mateo and Cheyenne, I just couldn’t enough of watching these rich and well-developed character play to each other. Good writing and the performances from the cast was as good as it could be in an episode of Superstore. Overall, I give this episode an 8/10.

“Shadowing Glenn” Fall Finale

In the fall finale, Amy decides to go for managing training and asked Glenn for his approval. But he decides to train her in like the comedy version of karate kid. He trains her what he knows, but Amy doesn’t think she needs to know all of this since she thinks she knows what to do.

That was until Amy made a mistake with one of the orders and tries to get the shippers to ship them back. But Glenn comes and saves the day and gets the other orders to be shipped back.

Cheyenne and Mateo decide to go into the business together and comes up with a funny name, Cheateo. It may or may not work. But I would think it would be fun.

Meanwhile, Dina is looking for a new career and gets Jonah to help after he was the one that called out during Amy watching Glenn’s managing video. After turning down almost every job, there might be one that she would be good at.

“Shadowing Glenn” was a well written, well-performed episode. The cast puts on a tremendous performance. Amy and Glenn’s storyline gives that Karate Kid at work feels to it. Lauren Ash’s performance was amazing. And even Cheyenne and Mateo’s storyline could be at it’s best this season with them working together to run their own business. Overall, I give this episode a 9/10.

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