Patrick Gilmore: Travelers Season 3 Interview

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Patrick Gilmore 

Patrick Gilmore is a longtime Canadian actor and alumni of all three Stargate series. He has made appearances in numerous sci-fi shows, most recently as David Mailer on Showcase’s Travelers –which has been officially acquired by Netflix.

The Interview

TV Series Hub: Thank you so much for your time. We at TV Series Hub are huge fans of Travelers –especially of David and the authenticity you bring to the role. Without further ado… let’s begin!

Before we talk about Travelers and the new season –which we are incredibly excited for—I’ve noticed that you’ve made guest appearances in high number of incredible science fiction shows, Tru Calling, Eureka, Battlestar Gallactica, Fringe, Primeval, and Continuum, to name a few, not to mention your recurring roles in Riese, all of the Stargates – of course, and now Travelers – so I’ve got to ask … Do you personally love Science Fiction? What is your favorite science fiction series?

Patrick: It’s hard to grow up in the 80s and not be a fan of sci-fi. I’m a Star Wars fan of course, but admittedly don’t watch a lot of sci-fi TV. There’s been some exceptions, Quantum Leap being one, and one of my all-time favorites. The luxury of being an actor in Canada is that there does seem to be a high percentage of genre productions. I’d like someone to look into why that is. I have no answers, I just count myself lucky to have been a part of so many.

TV Series Hub:  One thing I always love to ask actors with long careers such as yours is – who among the vast pool of other actors you’ve worked with do you actively keep in touch with? Give us the beef! We’ll keep it on the DL.

Patrick: Ha! You get attached to coworkers in this job so easily, but it’s also such a transient industry that you lose touch with friends fast. The cast of Travelers have become very tight. Louis Ferreira, who I first worked with on Stargate & is also on Travelers, is a dear friend. A lot of my closest friends have actually come from SGU.

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Stargate: SGU

Travelers Talk

TV Series Hub: David’s relationship with Marcy on Travelers has become a fan-favorite. I know it’s my favorite. The chemistry you two share on screen really brings the characters to life. What sort of mental preparation you do to put yourself into the mindset of David who is both fascinated, intimidated, and madly in love with the mysteries of Marcy?

David has a real blindside when it comes to Marcy, and human kind in general, really. He believes so hard in the good in people that he’s more willing to skip past things that don’t add up or possible issues.  It’s his greatest flaw, and what endears me to him. As an actor I had to really embrace that tunnel vision and just keep moving towards David’s goal, to live happily ever after with Marcy. I, myself, am not such an optimist. My inherent cynicism doesn’t mesh well with David Mailer, but given that David seems happier, I enjoyed adopting that trust and hope. When the season wrapped I eventually went straight back into curmudgeon 😉

TV Series Hub: Still on the subject of acting, and Now that we’ve migrated into Travelers territory – I recently read an interview with Eric McCormack that mentions nearly the entire cast of Travelers is Canadian! As a native Canadian – you – not me – What does being part of a cast like that mean for you? Especially now that Travelers has seen international success as part of Netflix.  I’m of the opinion that the best sci-fi comes from Canada.

Patrick: Canada may not have the budgets but we have the talent. My hope is that show like Travelers will be used as an example of this. Our entire production is so proud that we’ve kept it Canadian. Our industry does rely on American productions, which can overshadow our homegrown efforts. That doesn’t need to be the case. I want Travelers to stand out. We want Canadian talent to roar!

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Nitty-Gritty Details

TV Series Hub: Now for the big question. At the end of Season 2, there was a HUGE bomb drop. The proverbial cat is out of the bag. Jigs up. Your sweet, cute, frustratingly mysterious Marcy is a time-traveler/inadvertent murderer And David doesn’t seem to take that so well. Can you walk us through his feelings? Do you think he’ll be able to forgive her?

How can you not forgive Marcy?! However, at the end of Season 2 David has been burdened with a lot of info. In those last moments of the S2 finale I don’t think David necessarily believes in Time Travel, but his reaction of “Don’t touch me” is understandable considering the following: His client has lied to him, multiple times. The girl he has fallen in love with has seemingly betrayed him, multiple times. Because of her he has been beaten, multiple times…these reason alone are enough to turn someone off. Add to that people talking about TIME TRAVEL?!? Haha, hard pass! Now, as for Season 3…well, that’s gonna be another story altogether 😉

TV Series Hub: Good Point.  Marcy is forgiven.

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Mackenzie Porter as Marcy Warton – Travelers Promotional Still

 TV Series Hub: In season two we learned that the Director … *ahem* SPOILER!!! Is actually a machine … Now David is not a traveler, but he lives with one and has gotten way more involved in the whole fiasco than he ever bargained for. Firstly; what do you suspect David thinks about the future of mankind being left to the hands of an Artificial intelligence … and then same question to you, Patrick – also not a traveler.

Patrick: Patrick thinks AI is inevitable & will be messy as hell, but I’ll be gone by then, so…good luck with all of THAT! David wouldn’t know how to comprehend it all. He’s a simple creature. To him there is good in all of us and his job is to help everyone he meets find it.  He believes it’s possible. Naively.

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Patrick Gilmore – Photographer:  Kristine Cofsky

TV Series Hub: For the majority of the series, David’s interactions have been heavily limited to Marcy and occasionally Grant, but at the end of season 2, now David finally gets to meet everyone else.  What was that like – finally getting to have scenes with the other actors you’ve been in such close proximity too for so long. Even though David is understandably upset with his current circumstances, we’re so glad he is now an integrated part of the team. Because you know it – and we know it – David is certainly the most likable bloke on TV.

“As the actor I’ve been begging for scenes with the rest of the team”

Patrick:  As the actor I’ve been begging for scenes with the rest of the team. How could I not, the talent is just embarrassingly rich. In Season 3 you’ll see the development of a friendship with Kat & in a roundabout way, with Jeff as well. Almost like a support group. It’s almost like another wall that closes in on our Travelers, the loved ones finding out. As if things couldn’t get any more tight for the team.

TV Series Hub: While the stakes are certainly higher than ever for the Travelers, now that the cat is out of the bag, one of the core principles of the show – which was, protecting identity has been completely obliterated. Can you tell us, without spoiling anything what this might mean for the show?

Patrick: This just raises the stakes and makes the job of “Mission Comes First” that much harder. Who knew Time Traveling could be so damn complicated.

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Gif from NBC’s Timeless

TV Series Hub:  On that note – and this will be a quick one – what CAN you tell us about season 3?

Patrick: I can only say one thing…You can watch it NOW on Netflix. Tell everyone you know 😉

The Future

TV Series Hub: We know you are filming a new comedy, Jann – could you tell us a little about that, and anything else you’re working on?

Jann has been a bit of a dream. Not only do I get to do a full on comedy, but I get to work with someone I adore, Jann Arden. She’s Canadian royalty for one, but also one of the most genuine and talented people I have ever met. For me the excitement of this show coming to Canadian TV in 2019 is that people are going to see just how gifted Jann is, if they didn’t already know. It’s going to be so much fun. Also, Season 4 of You Me Her just wrapped and I can only say that there’s a chance you may see me partially naked. Maybe that’s not the best way to attract viewership, but it’s too late now. I’ve said it.

Questions by Alex Elias