Night School (2018): 5 Things to Know

Night School – a mixture of past and present.

Night School starring Kevin Hart and Tiffany Haddish, is a comedy movie about Teddy (Hart) a high school drop-out who works towards a GED.

Without delving into much spoilers, this movie is a mix of comedy, your childhood movie plot placed into today’s world. My thoughts on this movie: (A few spoilers)

1. Kevin Hart never disappoints

Every comedy movie starring Kevin Hart has never disappointed me. The comedy is always there, his usual ways of acting, and hitting the current affairs with jokes.

2. Touch of past movies

Stealing test papers because they haven’t been able to study, Breakfast club style of everyone from different ways becoming friends etc. This movie brings plots from the past and presents it in a grown up cast.

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3. Always a woman to impress

Like every other Kevin Hart movie, there is always a girl Teddy has to impress. He lies, tries everything just to keep the woman he loves. While some movies pull this off well, it felt like an extra addition which was there at the start, but then gone for a while to only come back at the end.

4. The usual ending

Happy endings are usually the go to for these movies. Therefore, there isn’t much to expect here other than that. From being very angry at being lied to, Teddy is left all alone but somehow all is forgotten at the end so quickly.

5. Touches on learning disabilities

This movie touches on Learning disabilities, Teddy struggled with math throughout his high school which was because of the disability.

It shows how having a teacher who actually cares makes a difference on student lives. Teddy kept on trying till he eventually succeeded and mostly because of his teacher (Haddish) being there all the way.

Rating: 6/10

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