Alterna Comics: Tinseltown (Issue 05)

- Alterna Comics: Tinseltown (Issue 05)

Alright guys and gals we had another great issue brought to us and it’s also the conclusion to the limited comic series in Alterna Comics. This issue reveals all questions and curiosity that we all have been wondering all this year since we read issue one. Lets get started on this review!

First off this ride with this comic series has been a huge blast, it’s one of the many comic series’s that I will always remember and always recommend to other comic readers. It’s not every day that you read a comic series that you will always love down the road of like ten twenty years from now. It’s one of the most memorable and fantastic series’s that I’ve read in a long time, not only is the character based on a person, but it shows us all how hard women had it in the past of this world. 

With this comic story it was concluded to show how our hero Abigail Moore became a police officer by doing one thing that no other would. Reveal the truth and justice to serve justice; it was a difficult road that our hero had to face, from going from a person who had nothing and became a fake officer to a studio to getting what she wanted by going after the corruption in that studio. It just shows you that if you work hard enough, your dreams can come true too.

David Lucarelli created a wonderful and fantastic story, I know we all wish it could be longer, but it also depends on Mr. Lucarelli if he would want to continue the story! I guess we will find out soon enough down the road. But for the five issue run it did a great job and brought all readers a great story to truly love. 

I like how Abby and Dan had their happy ending with their dreams coming true, if only it could still happen that way now in these days. It still can but you have to do fifty times the work, but no matter what never give up on your dreams. 

All the artist did a great job with the final issue and with all the issues, if you all want a comic series that dives you into the past when women were not allowed to be police officers or join the army or do anything worth while, then Tinseltown is the comic for you. Even if period pieces are not your thing, trust me when I say that this one is a fantastic comic that you just have to read. 

Alterna Comics: Tinseltown (Issue 05) is now released in local comic stores hurry in and get yourself a copy before they sell out!