Van Helsing(S03E12) “Christ Pose”

Alright guys and gals we had another great episode brought to us tonight! We had two characters reunite, we had some trouble, and many other things happen that we will talk about in the review! So lets get to it!

So in this episode we saw Scarlett (Missy Peregrym) get off the island and got back to land, but only after going through books and playing off a little nod to Cast Away with that Wilson act, which it never gets old. But thankfully she got off that island and got caught up with Axel (Jonathan Scarfe) just in time too! And both of them were happy to see each other! But things went side ways; to lead to Axel and Scarlett needing help from a stranger known as Simon (Jeff Kober) now I gotta admit this Simon guy is literally an interesting character. Leaving his character open to come back for another episode was a smart move, cause I wold love for Scarlett, Axel, Mohammad (Trezzo Mahoro) and Vanessa (Kelly Overton) meet up with this guy. I feel like it would create some interesting conversations.

I mean this whole time that we saw this Simon guy, I was literally skeptical over how he’s had luck or divine intervention looking upon him and saving him. Like there’s such thing as belief of course, but how far will belief really get you? Apparently very far, cause this Simon guy is still alive and it still boggles me how he’s stayed alive all this time. I think Scarlett was starting to think Simon’s way was actually believable too. But it was thanks to Simon and Scarlett’s thinking that helped Axel regain his sight, I mean it would’ve sucked if Axel would’ve had to be blind for the rest of his time on the show and have to try to kick vampire ass blind. I mean sure it would be possible but, would Axel be able to master such things to make him a bad ass? I guess we will never know cause he has his sight back! But Simon’s story made an interesting story and episode I will admit that.

We also saw Flesh/Phil (Vincent Gale) and Jolene (Caroline Cave) do a little jail break by running away after their bus got crashed by psycho prisoners. Now was it the smartest move to run away, sure maybe that way they could have their chance to try to run their own ways. But look at the bright side, at least they were cuffed together, it’s always better to stick with friends than to run your own way. But at least they got to some house to get their cuffs off but it did lead to trouble. Rule number one to any apocalyptic world, never leave guards alive! They will come after your sorry ass and make you regret letting them live, Rule number two, don’t trust the guards to their words they could be lying. Rule number three, there is no rule number three, you make up your own rule number three. But we all have to feel bad for Phil though, he was going down memory lane with Jolene about his wife and it makes you wonder. Will Phil’s wife really talk to him if the two of them meet up? Cause I feel like they wouldn’t, I feel like she would want to kill Phil rather than talk to him. Especially what he did when he was first turned into a vampire those years ago and killed their kids. Sure it wasn’t his fault but still, that’s something that you don’t just forget and don’t forgive, but you never know anything is possible in these series’s. But the question remains will Phil and Jolene find Phil’s wife? Or will they be too late?

Next week we get the season finale and more of the Adventures of Vanessa and Mohammad, it’s going to be interesting! But rejoice my readers, for we will be having Season 4 coming to us next year! But we still have the Season 3 Finale next week!

Next Week: Van Helsing(S03E13) “Birth Ritual” airs Friday December 28, 2018 at 10/9c on Syfy