Fresh Off The Boat (S05E08) “Cousin Eddie” Fall Finale

It’s one of the best Christmas episodes of Fresh Off the Boat that I could remember, even the one from last season. Here’s a recap!

As Christmas is near Jessica and Louis begins their traditional family Christmas routine; but Eddie wants to go visit Nicole in New York City. But Jessica won’t allow it and makes Eddie do what they normally do from decorating the Christmas tree to a family photo to even going to the Nutcracker, but it turns into a battle of mom vs son.

Eddie tries to ruin and get out of the tradition from volunteering at the shelter and brings a friend over too, but Jessica wouldn’t give in playing along to Eddie’s game. But when Jessica’s angel on the top of the tree is broken, she lost it and canceled Christmas.

Jessica talks to Eddie and tells him that the reason why she does these traditions; is that it worked so well with him as a baby. And after that, they grew closer this holiday season and not only fixed Jessica’s angel but performed the classic holiday tune “Christmas In Hollis” by Run-DMC, which was classic!!

Meanwhile, with Marvin and Honey went to visit Nicole in New York City; Louis allowed the kids to bring a friend over to their house for Christmas. As it was easy for Emery; Evan had a hard time who he can bring over. Even Louis couldn’t help and learned that Evan got his decision making from him. But it was a Christmas miracle from It’s a Wonderful Life as Emery got all of his friends to come over. That was till Evan decides to send them home because Emery was his best friend.

“Cousin Eddie” was not only hilarious but it hit the holiday family spirit on the head. The title of the episode never made sense; but it was by far the best Christmas episode that I could remember. I just love the mother-son battle between Jessica and Eddie. We learn the reason why Jessica does these traditions just makes you grab some tissues.  It was a strong episode with great character development, writing, and performances from the cast. Overall, I give this episode a 9/10.

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