Marvel’s Runaways Season 2

Marvel’s Runaways Season 2

A very slow start which escalated to madness towards the end. Wouldv’e done better being an episodic show than a whole season release at once.


Following a very successful season 1, Marvel’s Runaways continues the story of the kids. This time around, they are being tracked by their parents, Jonah being in the mix complicated things with betrayals, loyalties and friendships being tested.

runaways - Marvel's Runaways Season 2
Marvel’s Runaways Season 2
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My thoughts on the show:

1. Not a binge-worthy show

Runaways would be better off as an episodic show. This is due to the way the plot thickens towards the very end. Episode 7 had the ‘mid-season’ finale type of ending and following that, the episodes just escalated to a whole new level.

2. Plot was very strategic

Without delving into any spoilers, it is fair to say the show cut its losses by ending their very stretchy Jonah arch. While it was a huge part of the plot, it was beginning to become more of a slow drag of the story-line. Therefore, changing the story quickly made the show redeem itself in the latter part of the season.

3. Ending with a cliff-hanger

For someone who loved his daughter that much, it was a very quick u-turn on his part. Furthermore, one child is still unknown and 3 of our main characters are in danger. It has set up perfectly for a third season. Don’t forget, someone’ parents are also in jail.

4. Some unnecessary addition to plot

Some might say Topher was a great addition, however, the writers didn’t develop his character as much. It seemed like a character that could be explored in the next season, but for this season it was a waste of time.

5. Balance of love interests

If you watched Glee, at some point everyone was dating someone different every week. Runaways focused on the existing ships with ups and downs.

Rating: 6.5/10