Midnight, Texas (S02E08) “Patience is a Virtue”

So I was wrong, last week was not the penultimate episode, this week was. In fact, it turns out that it’s not just the penultimate episode of the season, but of the series, as we have learned that this will be the last season of “Midnight, Texas.” I’m very sad, but you can’t say they’re not going all out with the end of the story.

The episode picks up where the previous one ended, with Manfred frantically pulling at the amulet. In about ten seconds, Manny and Kai have gone from sworn enemies to allies. The skull is gone, and Manny’s head is to be chopped off to make a space for it. Patience, or Hypathia, to give her her real name, has Fiji as her ally, the only alliance weirder than Manny and Kai.

Patience and Fiji have a showdown with the other Midnighters, including Joe, who has returned and is Patience’s most powerful enemy, even without his wings. They make a plan and split up, with Kai and Manny going back to his office and watch the video of Patience taking the skull. It’s male-bonding at it’s most awkward, until they realize the woman in the painting is real. And that she’s the person who beheaded Theophilus. Manfred gets sucked into the painting world, for want of a better term, and the woman is Delilah, a good witch and originally Theophilus’s fiancé. Hey, it’s Jaime Murray! I’ve been a fan of hers since ‘Hustle’ (which I still miss, thanks for asking).

Another team is Olivia and Bobo, who are searching for a way to get that butterfly back into Fiji, only to have a techie nerd witch appear and is horrified to hear what happened. Apparently removing your butterfly basically means removing your soul.

Then we find out that Theophilus, Hypathia, and Delilah were inseparable, but when Hypathia learns her brother and friend are getting married. She isn’t happy. It seems Hypathia and Theophilus are, um, rather closer than a brother and sister should be. To be fair to Theophilus, his sister does use a magic spell to get things going, but even after he found out, he didn’t resist too hard, and their union created dark magic, as you could imagine it would. So Delilah did the one thing she could to stop it, by beheading Theophilus and binding them from using magic. Hypathia and Theophilus had a son, Everard, who could use magic, and he trapped Delilah in the painting, where she’s followed and tortured by by some magical baddies in armor, who are amusingly stopped by the flash on Manfred’s phone’s camera.

So, to battle an angel, Patience needs a demon, and who else but Chuy? Because, of course.

The butterfly/soul is most likely to have hidden in the body of the person Fiji loves the most, Bobo. They need to get it out of him, and back into her, according to Tech Witch, who seems to be named Addie, according to IMDb.

Joe is thrilled to see Chuy, who bites him and somehow neutralizes him, though I’m not sure how. Patience, meanwhile, neutralizes Lem, so things are not looking good. Manny lures Everard out of witch hell, where Kai does his monster juice sucking thing. Poor Bobo has it even worse. He has to swallow some gross huge centipede thing to go and chase Fiji’s butterfly out of him. He’s okay, but wow, that’s love, right there. Only Fiji just crushes it in her hand. I’m about to give up on Fiji, seriously.

She’s joined Parience with a bunch of other witches who seem fine with the dark magic thing, and some of her friends, who are shackled. Kai urges him not to, but Manny goes to save them. He seems to have some witchcraft of his own? But he’s captured too. And the thing that’s been hinted at all season finally comes to pass. Manfred is decapitated.

Other things:
– I knew that red lipstick Patience always wore wasn’t working for me. Really, I should have known she’d turn out to be evil, just from that.

– Is it me, or does the white streak in Fiji’s hair seem to be getting bigger, the more she uses dark magic? And why did it happen in the first place?

– What did Manfred mouth to Olivia? I HAVE TO KNOW!

“How long have you had a camera in here?”
“Since the third time you broke in.”

“She sent her butterfly packing.”

“I’m, uh, possum intolerant.”