Van Helsing(S03E13) “Birth Ritual”

Well ladies and gentlemen, we did it, another phenomenal season brought to us with a climatic episode that makes it worth all the blood and gore and cringe-worthy moments that happened this season. It’s a season that made us cheer, made us wonder and gave us lots of questions, but we have another season to look forward to next year so that’s something to look forward to but lets get to this review!

So in this episode we saw Vanessa (Kelly Overton) and Sam (Christopher Heyerdahl) finally meet up once more at the location that began the hunt for the Elder trinkets. Yes people Vanessa returned to the Asylum, the asylum where she learned the truth about Lilly Van Helsing (Julie Lynn Mortensen) which we are going to talk about her in a little bit. The two of them begin their rematch fight but become interrupted by the Oracle (Jesse Stanley) which we finally find out why Oracle has been appearing to Sam throughout his years and appeared to Vanessa when she was a child. And apparently Oracle was watching Vanessa all throughout her life, talk about stranger danger.

Apparently Oracle has been preparing Sam or Vanessa to become the fourth Elder, because there never was a fourth. It was Oracle’s mission this whole time to turn one of them into the next Elder and thanks to Sam being the greedy, creepy vampire that he is, he won but before he could under go the transformation. And somehow Oracle already had Mohammad in the maze area. I mean if the maze area was always there, why couldn’t the first elder have told Vanessa and Scarlett that when they were there the first time around? I guess it would’ve made the season a lot shorter if they did that. But at the ending of the maze we find the fountain that Vanessa had talked with her mother to learn about the totems of the elders. So everything was leading Vanessa to that very spot, but just when she thought she had saved Mohammad (Trezzo Mahoro) from being in danger he gets thrown back into it.

Yes my readers, Mohammad had to die in order for Sam to complete his missions, to become the elder. Sam gave a good part of a speech to Mohammad but I think we all can agree that Mohammad beat Sam in the speech department, especially with that line “I will never be owned” it’s like that made me proud a little bit to hear how much Mohammad has grown up. How much he has become a courageous hero, but he went down but not without giving a little bit of a fight to Sam. But Mohammad you will be missed man; you were one of my favorite characters and I’m glad that you died as a human. You started this series as a human and it seemed right that you left the show as a human. To the actor Trezzo Mahoro, you were phenomenal in every aspect as Mohammad and you definitely are a cool dude who will definitely go far into the world of acting! I hope you are seen in more things that I continuously watch, that would be awesome!

Another character that quickly became a fan favorite fans was Scarlett (Missy Peregrym) yes my readers, Scarlett bit the dust too, but it was a sacrifice that didn’t need to happen because apparently back in Season 2, Vanessa had already lost the person that she loved most which was Dylan. It’s interesting that Oracle left that bit of information out before Scarlett forced Vanessa to take her life. But maybe Oracle had already for seen that Scarlett was going to sacrifice herself and knew that she couldn’t stop anything. Who knows, but yes people Scarlett is dead and her sacrifice will not be in vein; after all we have Vanessa who will bring the world of hurt onto Elder Sam.

Another thing that we will be getting in next season is the rematch that we have been waiting for Julius (Aleks Paunovic) and Scab (Rowland Pidlubny) lets hope its a fight that will make us remember whoever ends up meeting their end. I mean I hope it’s not Julius because I can see more story be fledged out for him, but we are also seeing another villainous character come to our screens for the humans. For now I will call him Big Boss Man (Neal McDonough) since he is the boss of the black tech division, but who or what is black tech division? What are their angle? I think we are going to be finding that out and more in Season 4 and I can’t wait to see more of this awesome guy on my screen. I mean Neal McDonough has been on a lot of my favorite tv series’s and movies, he’s been on Captain America First Avenger, Agent Carter series, Arrow series and then Legends of Tomorrow series and now on here Van Helsing series as a villainous character that I can’t wait to see more of! It’s going to be interesting to see him play a villain for the human side of the series. Maybe Big Boss Man and the Dark One will become best friends and rule the world together, hey a guy can dream right?

Now we saw in the final minutes of the episode that Lilly Van Helsing is still alive! Yes I am as shocked as all of you, that some how Lilly is still alive. But if she has been alive all this time, why didn’t she awake when Scarlett and Vanessa both opened her crypt back in episode 2 or 3 somewhere around there this season? It’s one of the mysteries I guess, but it seems as if the blood had reawaken her, which makes one wonder, is Lilly an immortal? Will she stay on the side of Vanessa and help Vanessa out during her adventure on Season 4? I guess we will have to wait and find out next year on Season 4!

Let’s also congratulate Jonathan Walker in writing such an awesome episode tonight and being moved to series showrunner for Season 4!

Until then my readers, we will meet again for Van Helsing (S04E01) “Episode Untitled” airs 2019