Les Misérables premieres

The story will follow the tragedy of Fantine as she finds her life spiralling out of control, while freed prisoner Jean Valjean continues to try and evade Inspector Javert years later.

Fantine finds herself left as a single mum after giving birth to daughter Cosette out of wedlock and struggles to make a living to care for herself and her child.

She instills the help of Madame and Monsieur Thernardier, only for them to take advantage of her daughter for forced labor in the inn.

Oblivious to the Thernardier’s ways and the continual money demands for care of her daughter, Fantine finds herself going to drastic measures in order to keep herself afloat.

When she’s arrested by Javert, Jean Valjean tries his best to intervene and reunite Fantine with her daughter, but all does not go to plan for any of the series’ main characters.

In this adaptation, there is no singing involved. The series is stripping it right back to Victor Hugo’s 1862 novel,

Watch the six-part miniseries on BBC One.