Unsane (2018 Film)

There was one movie in 2018 that was really under the radar. Let me just say that once you seen this film you’ll literally go insane.


unsane 300x168 - Unsane (2018 Film)

Sawyer Valentini (played by Claire Foy), who’s had a troubled past from moving away from her stalker; decides to get help and talk with a counselor. But unknowingly she signs papers that have her to be committed for 24 hours stay at Highland Creek Behavioral Center.  She tries to get out, even calling the cops and mother but they couldn’t do a thing.

She develops a friendship with Nate Hoffman (played by Jay Pharoah), who also is a patient at Highland, that didn’t start off too well but ends up maybe being more than just friends. But when Sawyer sees her stalker, David Strine (played by Joshua Leonard), posing as one of the orderlies, she has an outburst and it repeats to even if she’s really insane or not.

Unsane Review - Unsane (2018 Film)

But she plays to David’s game after he plays her. Sawyer breaks David down to the point to where he follows her orders because he cares for her so much that he would do anything for her to the point to rape a patient in front of her.  But Sawyer attacks David and escapes. David soon catches her and drives her to his own place through the woods.  But she escapes and gets caught again, she stabbed David in the neck and kills him.

A few weeks later Sawyer is back at work and seems to be fine. But when she thinks she spotted David again a few feet away from where she was eating, she walks up there with a knife until she sees that it wasn’t him. She runs out and drives off.

“Unsane” is a fantastic piece of work that asked the questions if the lead character is insane or not. It starts off slow and it builds up to an intense and dramatic high. Claire Foy gives an amazing performance as Sawyer and her chemistry with Pharoah was excellent.  The film looks to be shot in the style of a documentary and one amazing fact is that it was shot from an iPhone 7. It has the Cookoo’s Nest type of feel to it. Steven Soderbergh, who directed the film, gives another masterpiece picture once again. There’s one person that makes a small appearance in the film.

If you haven’t seen “Unsane” find the time to and see it. It’s a really intense thriller.

Overall, I give it a 9/10.

You can find “Unsane” on Blu-ray, DVD, and digital available now.