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Peggy Lu 1 - Interview with Peggy Lu
Peggy Lu

Hey guys and gals, I had the great privilege of interviewing the awesome Peggy Lu who has played many roles but the recent role has been in the Venom film as Mrs. Chen. We talk most about the Venom film and it was really interesting for her answers. I’m happy to share with you this amazing interview so lets get started!

Hi Ms. Lu, thank you for your taking the time in doing this interview, I’m really excited to talk about Venom and any future projects that you may have going on!

Hi KEVIN!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR HAVING ME and it’s an honor to be interviewed by TVSeriesHub.TV!!!

Q 1) What was it like acting in a film as popular as Venom?

Well…now I understand what it means to have an “out of body” experience. It’s like I’m on the outside looking in inspired by the incredible support world-wide.

Q 2) Knowing that many people and fans have been waiting for Venom to be made as a movie for many years, and to play a character that was I want to say an influential supporter towards Eddie Brock. Was there any pressure that you felt during filming?

Initially I did feel some pressure and extremely insecure, you know, the typical actor stuff…”what if I suck”; lots of negative “what if’s”. Then a miracle happened. The director, Ruben Fleischer, called me personally to welcome me to the project. This has never happened to me before and I was so impressed by Ruben’s thoughtfulness it put me at ease. Of course it also helps having incredible acting coaches who guided me throughout the audition process and that Mrs. Chen, my mom and me are like three peas in a pod 😉

Q 3) We don’t really get that much air time for Mrs. Chen in the film, and I’m curious to more of her character, what can you tell us about Mrs. Chen?

“You look like shit Eddie” is how straightforward, no-nonsense and no BS kind of person Mrs. Chen is. Like a tiger mom, she is strict and harsh without much warmth but underneath all that façade, it’s the love she has for Eddie and wants him to be the best he can possible be.

Venom poster - Interview with Peggy Lu
Venom (2018)

Q 4) What was it like acting with Tom Hardy in the Venom film?

First day at work, Tom came up behind me and gave me a huge bear hug and introduced himself with his first and last name. I turned around and was awe-struck that he was just by himself, no entourage, nothing. Needless to say, with that endearing intro of himself he relieved my anxiety to “perform” and I knew instantly I can be myself around him. In between takes we talked about his family and where I’ve lived, like old friends catching up.

What I loved most about working with Tom, was not just his acting as we already know he’s a very prepared committed actor, it’s his humility, sincerity and generosity.

Q 5) I know you can’t say much about the future Venom films, but I think the fans of the film are curious if you will be returning as Mrs. Chen? If Yes, what influence will you have towards Eddie Brock in future films?

Ha ha, you know…per search on Dr. Internet, I think…ahem…”I could tell you, but then I would have…” Anyhoo…fingers crossed so hopefully I’ll get to come back.

Mrs. Chen - Interview with Peggy Lu
Peggy Lu in Venom

Q 6) Do you know if Mrs. Chen will appear in any of the other Sony Shared Marvel Universe movies?

You are too cute! I’m smiling as I type, your idea is GENIUS!

Q 7) If you did have the chance to appear in any of the other Sony Shared Marvel Universe films, which Marvel film would you want to appear in? (Example: Morphius, Silver Sable, Black Cat, etc.)

You ask very thought provoking questions – LOVE IT! How fun would it be for a wild pack of mercenaries who are on their way to hunt down war criminals decide to stop by my store to pick up some snacks and energy drinks. I would love to help Silver Sable track down war criminals including the cyber ones too 😉

Venom you cant shop here - Interview with Peggy Lu
Mrs. Chen portrayed by Penny Lu

Q 8) Do you think Sony would ever consider making a standalone Mrs. Chen movie? I feel like it would be interesting, to see Mrs. Chen’s daily life, to see her see from her store all the crazy things that happen in New York from all the superheroes and anti-heroes and villains.

OMG, my heart is palpitating now (in a good way) you are a BRILLIANT GENIUS!!! It would be a hoot to see all the MCU’s characters shop at tiger mom’s store and you know they would have to behave or I would put them in time out. Better yet, I will ground them indefinitely and make them learn the piano and practice at least 6 hours daily!

Q 9) I have seen the film Venom and I was really impressed with it, I liked the scenes that you shared with Tom Hardy, did you have any pressure acting along side a really well-known actor like him?

He had me at “Hi, I’m Tom Hardy”. He set the tone and I followed. He was unbelievably humble; even if I wanted to put pressure on myself it was an impossible task. As I mentioned earlier, it was like working with a buddy on a common goal. For example, the Chinese banter was Tom’s idea and we had a blast doing the improvisation; people were cracking up on set so I believe they had fun too as they watched.

Bottom line is that Tom was such a personable gracious human being; he made it very easy for me.

Q 10) Last question cause I know you must be busy with future projects, is there anything that you can say about your character in your future project ‘Always Be My Maybe?’

Is this a trick question 😉 I don’t know what I can or cannot say about the project. One thing I can say is that if you thought Ali Wong is funny, working with her was like peeing in my pants nonstop…and that ain’t from urinary incontinence.

I would like to thank you for your time Ms. Lu, it’s truly been a great privilege to be able to interview you!

I sincerely appreciate your thoughtful and stimulating questions! WOOHOOT, I had fun writing the answers. THANK YOU KEVIN PEERY!!!!

Photo Credit: Claudia Hoag